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Sep 1, 2006
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Fort Wayne, Indiana
Howdy folks! Been a long time since I’ve attempted a build off, been a member here since the very first day of the forum...

Anyway, I found this bike for sale early this year, drove over an hour to get it. Just started tinkering with it a couple days ago, then I see there is a muscle bike build off going on!

I have always wanted an early Stingray ever since we started playing with old Schwinns when I was about 12 back in 2004-05. Will never be able to afford the real deal and I’ve never liked having the normal sought after things...

So here goes my take on a classic “Pig Bike” using an October 16, 1952 built Juvenile J-40.
Traded my childhood BMX for a polo seat that a friend had. I was actually giving his son my old bike because he has been wanting one, he wouldn’t let me leave empty handed and knew I had this bike.

Found some eBay seat material to recover it and some eBay knobbies. Oh and I scored a 64 stingray sissy bar for the right look! Still trying to decide if I want to keep it a skiptooth or not...
I'd you can find a nice trick hub, like a 3 speed of some sort or a kickback. They make conversion sprockets that have the skiptooth. Check out The Wild One, from last year's build off. '53 Lincoln if I remember right, very similar frame built by Chicago Cycling (a Schwinn subsidiary) I love those frames. Pig bikes rule.

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That's one fine starting point for your bike! Are you leaving the paint/patina as is, doing an OA bath to bring the original colors back, or stripping it and repainting it?
Good lookin mock up, nice stance.

Id personally move away from skip tooth unless you have some attachment to it. Throw a regular sprocket on the match the gearing you need when you decide rear hub and tooth count.

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