"Pope Roger" Crossframe bike: Pg3: Powder changes

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So the entire frame is welded! I'll show you some picture below.
The coaster arm bracket is welded the wrong way around...... but luckily I can still use it without cutting it loose again.
And the "chainstay bracket" stiffening looks a bit rough, that what you get if you decide to stiffen that bit afterwards... but the welds are very solid. I am really happy how it turned out. It is meant to a cool functional apocalypse bike, not a showbike, (just a little bit ;) ).

Last thing to do before a powdercoat:
Round some corners a bit with sandpaper and file. And drill a hole for the bicycle stand. About an hour of work left.

Rear wheel testfit and check.

The wheel is mounted to the full front of the horizontal dropout. So I think I can leave the bracket as is!

Bracket to mount the rear rack assembly. I personnly love how it all fits!

Thanks for having a look!
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This morning I took the frame to the powdercoater! Will be ready this/next week depending on the guys mood :bigsmile:
But: RAL4007 was not available anymore. There were multiple reasons for us both to choose something that was in-house.
Now it will be:
RAL 3011 - BrownRed

Frame and fork in my car.

Colour sample on the spot.

Some confessions:
As a rookie frame builder I made the mistake of not pressing/holding the bottom bracket while being welded...

This resulted in a slight oval bottom bracket (0,6mm / ¹/₃₂ inch).

I solved this partially by making a presstool that pressed it (from the inside out) passed the "material elastic limit".
This was quite hard, because CrMo steel is quite tough/springy.

I tried the bearing cups and measured the bearing races. It is OK now.

You learn a lot by building this stuff.

Can't wait for first assembly next week.

What kind of assembly grease do you guys use?
Do you use different kinds of grease for bearings/assembly etcetera?

I bought and am currently I am very content with:
  • Assembly of static parts/between contact surfaces: Klüber Nosol GBY 2.
  • Bearings: Klüber isoflex topas nca 52.
  • Keeping stuff clean and protected afterwards: Fluid Film ASR 1 spray. (based on wool grease, so not chemical or corrosive).

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Light Update

The bike has a name now. And a headbadge (sticker).
Why a sticker? Well.... the bike will be quite heavy now and I'm trying to balance it a bit :crazy2: give my beautiful legs a bit more rest....

First I wanted to fabricate and etch a brass plate, but time limitations and practicality made me design a sticker:

The skull is not my design, I really liked it and could not do it better. The rest I designed in "paint" :crazy: the letters and the CrMo tubes.

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