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  1. ezernut9mm

    my 60 galaxie.

    yes, the hide a hitch. hmm...
  2. ezernut9mm

    my 60 galaxie.

  3. ezernut9mm

    my 60 galaxie.

    a trailer would be kinda cool. i just wonder about a hitch. the back drags as it is if yer not careful. lol
  4. ezernut9mm

    my 60 galaxie.

    thanks guys. this is a fun car to drive and it is quite weird looking. from the front it kinda looks like a lincoln and lots of people think it's a t-bird. lol. it's way too big for that, but people see that big chrome strip going all the way down the side of the car and think that. it does need...
  5. ezernut9mm

    Our wedding with a bunch of old cars

    i'm a bit late, but congrats and what an awesome wedding!
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    my 60 galaxie.

    here's a few pics of my 60 galaxie and my schwinn speedester. i think i need to paint one to match the other, any input? i know what would be easier. lol our pit at greaserama 2013: the speedster:
  7. ezernut9mm

    Show Off Your Finished Huffy Cranbrook

    man, the bmx style bars really look good on these bikes. love it cory. here's mine as it sits now. just messing with layabout parts.
  8. ezernut9mm

    byebye green cuiser

    man, i kinda miss my green canti, but those speakers sure do sound good. lol.
  9. ezernut9mm

    camel back frames

    thanks. been wanting one for a long time.
  10. ezernut9mm

    camel back frames

    my 63 speedster:
  11. ezernut9mm


    lot's of realy cool bikes in here. wow.
  12. ezernut9mm

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    man, there are some sweet m-effers in this thread.
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    look at all those "tuff wheels"! and i haven't seen a quadangle in 30 years. lol. looks like a good time.
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    byebye green cuiser

    technics sb-a54. 8 ohm, 260w. they are pretty dusty, any good ideas on how to clean them up? the center of the midrange is poked in, but no rips or tears. they sound pretty good and can take all my old kenwood receiver can give them.
  15. ezernut9mm

    byebye green cuiser

    just traded off this green schwinn for some early 90's technics tower speakers. omg. i forgot what it was like to hear music the way it was meant to be heard. still, it kinda hurt to see the bike go. he is a friend though, so it's not that bad.