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Aug 31, 2009
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I'm in again. This will be my 11th Build Off build. So far I've finished 1st (twice), 2nd, 3rd(twice), 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 26th; I was shooting for 8th place this year, but this year I'm shooting for 11th!!!


I don't know if I can crank it one louder like Nigel Tufnel , but I hope that I can take my Monark Silver King Hextube to the HEXtreme.

Here is a pic of the frame when I got it back in 2018. It's been sitting in my office since then.


I scored some killer McFly billet Iron Cross wheels last year and hope to be able to use them on HEXtreme.

Here they are with my RRB Model Bash Up


That's all I have for tonight. I brought the frame and wheels home Friday and will start brainstorming and working on the bike today after I wake up.
I'm ready to have another fun year with my build brothers and sisters. As always, it's sure to be a blast!!!
Here is an ad for a 1947 Hex. I really don't know what year mine is.

1947 ad.jpg
Here is a cool 1948 ad for the Hextube

Wow, great set of rims matching the frame, this will be a interesting, sun glaring build.
I love following your builds, and a silver king is cool even before your personal touches make it better
King, looks like you've 'fished' another cool frame out of Queenfish's pond! :bigsmile:

Great start, looking forward to your 'tartar sauce' ; after all, it is aluminum...~!

RaT oN~!
Shudda known you'd have something special up your sleeve!

I got a good deal on this frame over 3 years ago, but I kept being distracted by other BO ideas, so it sat in my office. It wasn't until I scored the McFly wheels last year during BO15, that I felt like I HAD to build this one. :D
You have teased us with pictures of the frame, I've been waiting for you to build The King's King

This is actually my 4th Silver King.

The first one was a Flocycle that was on it's way to become SaltHammer until I discovered a crack in an old repair.


Then there was the 1935 regular Silver King that actually became SaltHammer.


Then there was the Wingbar frame that I had for quite awhile until I was regrettably enticed to sell it for good money

Here is my starting point. I think my Monark Silver King Hextube is from 1947, but I am unsure.
It's pretty solid with no signs of cracks or previous repairs or welds. For those of you that don't know, Monark made Duralium aka Aluminum Silver King bikes from the mid 30s until the mid early to mid 50s ( I think). Most of the frames were for 24" wheels, but they had long wheelbases so they are similar in size to 26" bikes. All of the Hextubes were meant for 26" wheels. What makes these frames so unique is that the toptube, midtube, downtube, and seattube are all hexagonal shaped tubing. It's really a cool and unusual look.


This is a good frame, but I will need to clean it up a bit and there are some things that I will need to address. The main one is the quill seatpost is stuck in the seattube. Due to the potential fragility of this Duralium, I won't be able to be as agressive as I could be with a steel frame bike.


I'll also need to get a special sex bolt (m/f) to go in the lower back of the seatpost casting.


Here is the serial number plate


I also need to replace the bolts that connect the seatstay casting to the chainstay casting.


I love these billet aluminum McFly wheels. The iron cross design is sweet. Most of these are usually single speed, but I have one of the rarer sets that were built with a Nexus7 rear hub. I definitely need to clean them up. They had bee collecting dust in the previous owners garage for a long time. I think they are gonna look great with this frame.

Always leader of the pack with fantastic ideas. Can’t wait to see this evolve.. To bad you always have to start with subpar parts :rofl:

It's tough, but I make do with what I gots! :D :D :D

ps,,,,, I don't spend pocket money on any of my cool parts though. Everything is paid off in FSD (Fred Sanford Dollars) from the money I make from buying and selling bike stuff over the years. :D

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