1940? schwinn ratty truck kustom ALL DONE PICS ARE UP!

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sorry to hear about that. we tried selling road bikes but cruisers are the heart and soul of this shop so if anyone wants a good deal on a road bike they are all on sale to get rid of them lol. come on out next year for the bike and car show it should be a real fun time.
My bike wants to have your bike's babies. I'm so glad this bike was built. It warms my heart to know that something that freakin sick is rollin around out there.
If you want to make real money on the road bikes you're better off opening a coffee shop :wink:

Congrats on really cool build and it looks like the winner walking away, a blowout really. Attention to detail is amazing on this one, like the decision not to paint and add some great graphics instead.
Ur killing the comp man, Love that bike, You ad my vote.
thanks guys those of you who were around for the last build off know that i was not able to compleate the bike or even really start because of a tool chest at work falling on my leg. this bike too was not with out its issues but nothing was going to stop me this time. i loved the original rusty paint and thought i would build this one as though a rat rodder would build a car. find an original paint rusty frame then go from there. i am a sucker for pinstriping so i knew i wanted to go that route with the paint. i was talking to mastershake916 the other day at the shop and he got me thinking that maybe it was too edgy and controversial so much so that it went too far. personally that is how i like to build bikes. i create bikes that even if you dont like it at least make you think. i did not honestly think that it would run away like it has so far and i am flattered that you guys think she is cool. i never win anything so it is a great honor. but this is not over yet and i am not one to count my eggs till they hatch. all i can say is thanks to you all through all this there are a lot of bikes here in this that deserve to be top rat. and a big thanks to my shop college cyclery and to my boss for allowing me to use the shop to put her together and for the pics. thanks again to all that were involved with this bike and again to all of you for making this the best site bar none on the net.
I was just looking there are only 3 or 4 TRUE Rats in the build.. :( My bikes not one of them , Dads is, yours is... Yeah...
thanks rick i really tried to picture this one in my mind as a true rat and tried to stick to that. dont worry my next bike i think i will make all purdy :D
better not, I hate the "purdy" ones. lol not really, Beater is neater. :mrgreen:
like i just said under ACD's build i dont know if i will do a build off bike next year. maybe jsut sit it out and let you guys have at it. all i wanted to do was win once that is good enough for me. but it aint over yet.
Yeah, I totally agree that there are only just a few "true" rats in the RAT ROD buildoff.

Oh, and I hate to break this to you, but this bike will only be in your possession for another couple o weeks. I asked Santa for it!!!!
lol boneshaker iduno about that i still owe some money on the parts i used on this bike lol. and i really doubt i will be selling her any time soon. maybe santa can bring you a ct frame for youself to build up.
Very Kool Bike. With great final photo's. Those are Calender shots. Truly a pro. 8) Dangerous Dan
thanks dan the pics were done for me by my buddy bret. i am more of a nuts and bolts kinda guy so he was nice enough to help me out with the pics. i keep seeing you mention callander hmmmmm steve?
I need one for my locker, I prob could get mom 2 order one.. X] I Didnt check the polls before they closed but, Im guessing you won, So congrats.
as you can tell by now rick yea the ratty truck has won woooooooooo i am so happy i was worried that she was a bit too edgy but i guess even i was wrong. thanks to all that voted and cant wait till next year but i may sit that one out iduno we shall see.
well no one so far as won back to back titles so maybe i will do something totally off the wall like a 12" wheel boardtracker. i can already hear them "hey that does not look rideable" wanna bet?