1958 Schwinn "Convoy"

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thank you! light, chain guard, and fender sound cool. i have some muscle bike front fenders laying around.
i looked up tiller star wheel spinners couldn't find any pics of how they are attached.
Saw this on a rat rod Dodge a few years ago. You could put these on the ends of the axles and let them spin.
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 3.13.04 PM.png
sorry about the pic quality my computer camera is not that good.
found this cool "stop" lunchbox, its not vintage but it looks cool, i attached it with magnets.
the fender is coming out nice just needs a little straightening. - the reflector is still i moved it up and it is peeking behind the lunchbox.
any ideas on what a name would be? maybe ill get a chain guard for it.
update: i took of the cb mic because it made it ride weird. i like it on there but i dont like the cord around the frame. ill have to try taking the cord of without hurting it.
i added purple sparkle grips. ill show pics soon
last night i left my bikes outside because it wouldn't rain, but there were strong winds which blew over the convoy, breaking the brackets for the mirror and the cb. only the brackets were broken luckily but it's still annoying. i'll fix them soon AND the cruddy kickstand that made the bike fall over. :doh:

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