1958 Schwinn "Convoy"

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last night i left my bikes outside because it wouldn't rain, but there were strong winds which blew over the convoy, breaking the brackets for the mirror and the cb. only the brackets were broken luckily but it's still annoying. i'll fix them soon AND the cruddy kickstand that made the bike fall over. :doh:
Yeah, I never trust a kickstand to hold up a bike when it's windy out, especially not where I live in Oklahoma.
convoy 1.PNG
convoy 2.PNG
convoy 3.PNG
convoy 4.PNG

here's the convoy, almost done! i am looking for a light.
Look for a serial number on either one of the dropouts, under the bottom bracket or the headset, and Google "schwinn decoder." Not only will you find the year, you'll find the month too!
thanks. annoying thing is i dont own the bike yet.
interesting note about the rear tire on this bike:
the tire is actually a wheelchair tire!

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