1962 Schwinn Typhoon 20" Pig Bike

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Well after setting up my tires to photograph I determined that the Lightning Dart is probably not NOS after all. I don't care, it is still good enough to use on the bike. Just doing full disclosure here.

The Ribgripper is NOS though, it still has a sticker on one side with the price I believe.
The odd thing (I thought) was that it only has writing on one side. I see that on newer tires but I don't recall the older tires being like that.

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I sure like where this is going
I sure like where this is going
If you wish to follow the progress from this point, I have a thread in the Build Off #17 build journals called Hawg Wylde, My 1962 Schwinn Typhoon 20" bladeblah.
Then I found an easier way for you to get there.

Link here:

Not that I wouldn't try to keep this updated as well but I am having enough trouble actually doing anything, posting progress there and keeping up with what I refer to as.....
Life in the Slow Lane. (I gave up fast years ago.)
It will surely make you lose your mind. Yeah.
I feel like I am letting this thread die, so I am letting any new viewers know it is transfered to Hawg Wilde, my 1962 Schwinn Typhoon Pig Bike in the Build Off #17 Class 1 build journals.
Thanks for looking here at my project!
Getting down to the wire in Build Off#17 and I am pushing ahead way slower than warp speed on this. I do have half the shifter working although I dad cheat a bit.
But that will be covered in my build journal linked above
Thanks for following the build whichever page you are on!