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Dec 12, 2012
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My Finished thread shot. 1937 custom CCM
Build thread https://ratrodbikes.com/forum/threads/a-cccm.116387/
Just some pics from the neighbourhood

A Custom CCM


Before shot





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Thanks the one thing that I always thought about old CCM double bars from this time period was that the paint jobs were boring.
They only came in a couple of colours dark navy burgundy and I think maybe a dark red colour with thin pinstripes that you could hardly see .
And most of them had wheels painted to match .
The truss rods may have been chrome on this bike as well but were not real shiney after I stripped the green paint off.
Chain guards I think were an option and were one colour with the thin raised line putting a little stripe or two makes them look a lot better.
Pretty sure delivery bikes were the only black CCM's back then .
Those big Schwalbes also fill up those fenders real nice can't believe how nice this bike rides .
I agree CCMs were flat colour. The flyer was black to I believe I have about 30 of those chaingauards lying around lol. What size tire did you put in there they fit nicely
They are 700x50 and fit really well in the past I have had to modify the forks to put a tire that big in and no way could you run fenders .
Must be a pre war thing with those frames as there was plenty of clearance .
Those chain guards are not that attractive but with a little detail work don't look to bad .
Tires have always been a plight for ccm bikes it's good to know
28 inch are easy as they are 700c very hard to find 26 in Canadian sizes and not much selection but you can get creme Schwalbes in 26x1 3/8 but no one will have them in stock . You have to be careful though as there are some larger British 28 inch wheels on some older CCM bikes .
I really like that frame. The parts and color choice really set it off well too
Very cool bike! The new paint scheme really gives it a completely different attitude. That frame looks really tall too which is cool. Very nicely done!
Yes a little colour works with these bikes and yes ingola it is certainly a man size bike .
The seat isn't that low for looks it's a tall bike and you have to swing your leg over the rear rack with care as well.
I can just barely stand over it .
I only have one balloon tire frame that is really large enough for me to ride comfortably and it has a B-135 Brooks saddle on it that is jacked up a little .
The girl that rides the sea foam girls bike has longer legs than me it is set up really tall .
I've had the Roadsters most are really to tall for me at 5 feet. I like those frames more than the moto frames. Very classy
Hey ingola I have the perfect 28 inch motorbike for you .
1927 Hibbard resto modded this years ago looks like huge 28inch wheel bike but look at the wheelbase and how high I have the seat .
I don't ride it hardly at all as it just doesn't feel right to me like it's too small .
Check the wheels out the rear was a new old stock with model 37 CCM hub with a new old stock 10 tooth skip tooth sprocket .
I've never seen a CCM skip tooth bike .
This bike should have wood rimmed wheels but to much of a hassle for me so used available CCM stuff.
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