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Hey ingola I have the perfect 28 inch motorbike for you .
1927 Hubbard resto modded this years ago looks like huge 28inch wheel bike but look at the wheelbase and how high I have the seat .
I don't ride it hardly at all as it just doesn't feel right to me like it's too small .
Check the wheels out the rear was a new old stock with model 37 CCM hub with a new old stock 10 tooth skip tooth sprocket .
I've never seen a CCM skip tooth bike .
This bike should have wood rimmed wheels but to much of a hassle for me so used available CCM stuff.View attachment 209458
I've never actually seen that frame before Canadian metal had 28 inch tires when I got it.
The black bike is American made I think by Westfield I guess people were shorter back then and rode taller bikes .
Always get a kick out of those old pictures where children are riding these giant 28 inch wheel bikes .
I remember when I was a child riding a girls 26 inch standing up with no chance of sitting on the saddle .

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