A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

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Jun 25, 2014
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I have been trying to get my wife more interested in classic bikes. After buying her a 26" Spaceliner, I realized that she was going to need a 24" bike to be comfortable (she is 5 ft. even). So, I went and visited another bike buddy and picked up this project.


A neat Monark el camino that will get a full make over.

If my friend will allow me to, I will take and post some pictures of his bicycle fence it is pretty amazing!

I have a bunch of parts ordered. She wants it painted a candy apple red or burgundy metallic. I ordered a springer fork for it and a Cloud-9 (red) spring seat and some 24 x 2.125 crème tires. Here is the pile as it sits in front of my garage.

Don't forget the basket. All ladies want is a cruiser bike with a basket. It makes it easy for us guys who have plenty o' bikes with baskets.
I am hoping that the rear rack and maybe a drink holder will suffice. I want to keep the springer front uncluttered with just a headlight.
It's real funny how fast my wife can fill up her basket. It's great for me though, if we get out on a ride and I need something. I know it is there in that dang basket.
I definitely will be watching this build. It seems like I personally have built as many ladies bikes as mens. They are a lot of fun to build. It looks like you have a great start.
Ha, now you have me worried about no basket! Stop that....

Yeah, the ladies bikes usually get parted out or hauled to the iron yard.
Thanks Luke, I have somehow erased the bare metal photos that I had on my phone.:crazy:And bare metal pics are pretty boring anyway! So next is a photo of painted parts.

The paint is Duplicolor Retro Red. Yes, I do know how to do a proper paint job and I own paint guns, etc. But, I thought that this paint had some cool effects and was about as close as any spray paint to the wife's requested color.

Here is a pic with the cheap springer fork installed.
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I measured the 24" fork from bottom race to the top of the axle slot, and then I measured a 26" fork. The 24" fork = 13 5/8" and the 26" = 14 1/4" so, figuring only 5/8 to 3/4" difference in the two. I ordered a 26" Springer fork. The problem is that the same measurement on this fork is 16 1/8", almost 2" longer than the standard 26" fork that I had. So, with new front tire installed, it clearly needs some modification.

So, as most everyone knows, these Schwinn knock off forks are more of a girder style fork than a true Springer, they have no moving parts in the legs of the fork. This makes them pretty easy to modify. I made up these brackets in order to set the wheel where I needed it.

Here is the brackets mounted to the fork.

And the complete fork.
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I got a little farther along today. I drug out an old English triumph stem and cleaned it up. I think it is a keeper.

Here is the front end pretty much complete except bars, fender, headlight......

And an angle view. I think the crème duro tires match nicely.
I got the new seat in, I don't know how I feel about the color match. But, it is staying.....I think that the pedals and streamers that I ordered will match the seat, hopefully that will tie the colors together?

This Cloud-9 seat gets pretty good reviews on Amazon, I hope the wife's bum enjoys it.

It was getting pretty late when I got the front fender painted and installed.

Here is quick mock up with the old rear wheel / tire assembly. I ordered a Felt 3 speed conversion for this bike, I am waiting until I get it to mount the Duro crème tire.

Has anyone else had trouble getting Felt wheels? I have been waiting about 3 weeks now for this 24" conversion kit. The retailer (a rat rod bikes supporter) keeps telling me that they have no estimate on a shipping date. I would hate to set this build back just because I don't have a rear wheel!
I may have run everyone else off and be simply talking to myself at this point. But, here is another installment anyway.

I got the Wald pedals today and installed them, another different shade of red.

I did a little cleaning on the rear fender (and bobbed it just past the end of the rack) then mocked it up to see how it looks. I usually don't like a bike with mismatched fenders, but I thought that with so much chrome on the front of the bike, leaving the rear chrome might balance it out a bit. I probably would have left the front fender chrome, but it already has a chrome Springer and the new headlight will be chrome also.


So, I would welcome some input. The way I see it, I have 3 options.
#1 chrome fender, just clean it up and run it.
#2 paint fender to match bike and call it done.
#3 remove the rear fender and just run the rack.

I will definitely keep the rack on it, so all options will be with it.

Big Ape
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That fork is just to cool:cool2: This bike turned out awesome! I hope your lady likes it as much as I do. Great work.

So, what's your opinion on the rear fender?
Thanks for the compliment!