A new vintage bike for the lil' lady! Finally DONE!!!!

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O.K. after some time tinkering with other junk. I got my wife's bike done. I'm pretty proud. After all, it is the coolest girl's el camino that I know of! Haha!
I had to hand cut the decals except for the crowns and the lettering, otherwise it was going to cost almost $200 for the vinyl work.






Sure, I simply scuffed the chrome fenders with 220 grit sand paper and then hit them with a couple of coats of Dupli-color adhesion promoter. Then I painted them. The adhesion promoter was actually designed for spraying on shiny chrome and then spraying a candy color over it for an anodized look.
I may have run everyone else off and be simply talking to myself at this point. But, here is another installment anyway.

I got the Wald pedals today and installed them, another different shade of red.

I did a little cleaning on the rear fender (and bobbed it just past the end of the rack) then mocked it up to see how it looks. I usually don't like a bike with mismatched fenders, but I thought that with so much chrome on the front of the bike, leaving the rear chrome might balance it out a bit. I probably would have left the front fender chrome, but it already has a chrome Springer and the new headlight will be chrome also.


So, I would welcome some input. The way I see it, I have 3 options.
#1 chrome fender, just clean it up and run it.
#2 paint fender to match bike and call it done.
#3 remove the rear fender and just run the rack.

I will definitely keep the rack on it, so all options will be with it.

Big Ape
I like where this is going