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Hello Wratters!! Quick update. Happy 4th!! I just worked 10 hours, it's 90 degrees and I came home and Bar B Qued.
So in between cooking... it's Prime Time Baby!! I smell a hot rod inspired bike coming down the pike. GTB!! Peace
Hello WRATTERS!! Here's some progress for y'all. I've got a lot of ideas running around in my head. This is the color scheme that I'm going with. Those of you that know me well you've seen me change it without hesitation.
It's looking good if I say so myself. So crank up that Gary Clark Jr "Numb" and...GTB! PEACE

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Thanks Doc. Oh yeah...THERE WILL BE STRIPES!!

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That is gonna be a mean green shaddup machine brother!
Thanks for the hook up on Gary Clark Jr too. I had never heard of him before and that dude rocks it!!!
Build on brother!!!
BTW, I am gonna be in Philly in a couple of weeks!!
What?!? You coming here!! Oh yeah!! There's gonna be a hot time in the city that day. Ya gotta see the crib. Message me when you can.
Glad ya like the bike. It's going to be a nice rider. Tell Queenfish I send my blessings. Peace brother.
Hello Wratters!! I'm going to roll the bike out today to apply the second coat and a reveal is in order also. My band plays this weekend so I've been busy arranging our set and we have practice tonight at my house. Yeah a garage band with church ties. I've been trying to post videos that I've done but it keeps saying that they are too large. If you wanna see them check me out at Jakesensi on Instagram.
So have a great day and crank up that Seasick Steve "Back in the Doghouse" and...GTB!! Peace
Great "Stripes"
Blowwwwn Up Sir!
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks brother.

Hello Wratters!! Well it's Friday. Time to relax and take it easy..NOT!! I'm waiting for the Amazon truck for a piece that I ordered yesterday. This will hopefully give the bike a little wow factor. I'm going back and forth with it (The bike) on the direction of this build. We will have to compromise or surrender woefully. AND WOE IS NOT ME!! I really don't know why but i noticed days ago that this was a skiptooth. So there went my plans on putting on this 7 speed do-hickey. So I'm gonna break out the eazy off and scrub the wheel again. This rust is caked on like Lil Kim's makeup and it won't budge. AARRGHHH!!! Next week I'll pull some figures out for ya'll. Presently they are in 4 storage bins. I plan on selling them to purchase a car. OOOO!!! THIS GUY HAS A GARAGE, NO CAR AND NO LICENSE!!....BUT HE'S GOT...HIGH HOPES... Ok enough of that.... GTB!! PEACE
Jake with a car! Watch out!!

Hello Wratters!! Here's a couple of pics for y'all. I spent about a hour scrubbing this rim. I made some progress. Can't you tell?!?
I've got some ideas that I'll reveal in the coming weeks cuz we've got plenty of time till the deadline right?!? YA HEAR THAT SLACKERS!! GTB!! PEACE