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Ulu, I really like this Alu-Mini, um; especially since you kept adding and tweaking parts and design elements right to the end. And the 'grandpa wheelie' shot put it over the top! RaT oN~!

Thank you, OJ. :)

Bad weather, poor planing (argon!) re-welding and late upholstery all drove me into the final hour, where I was tearing around for a plate to mount the kickstand, so I could take my last outdoor photos before the rain started again.

I was lucky that the weather cooperated as well as it did.

This never started out to be such an elaborate project. I want to get some parts out of my shed, make them into an easy bicycle, and then push it out of the way.

But in the end it was a great deal of fun, and it was a big relief seeing it finally coming together at the last moment.

Yet it wasn’t quite done until I got to look at all the other bikes cast my votes. Now it is truly over & I can go back to work on the fake SS100/Jaguar again.

Or the trike. ;) It’s still to nasty outside to weld on the SS100.

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