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Feb 1, 2008
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West Virginia
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So I started this bike for my fiance. She's wanted a cruiser, but I couldn't see buying a cheap WM bike and we don't have the cash for a more expensive bike. I bought this one a couple of months ago for the wheels when I was working on a '48 Shelby (now I need to find more wheels).

Here's what I started with...

After stripping the paint...

I filled the holes in the tank with JB Kwik Weld.

Primed and ready...


but what color?

Why not pistachio satin...
mmm .. minty :D

ive got an amc similar to that one, i really like the racks that mount at the bottom of the steer tube instead of the top, looks cleaner that way IMO.
slacker said:
Wow, JB Weld. I was wondering how to de-badge a similar Huffy tank. Thanks for the idea!

Hey, thank the folks on here. I got the idea from them. It's definitely easier than bondo and if you get the JB Kwik it's sets up fully in about 4 hours. I was able to sand after about an hour.
So here is a mock-up of the bike. I got all the parts painted. I used a chocolate brown satin for the accents with a thin white pin stripe seperating the brown and the green. The fiance seems to like it. I also chopped the fenders. You can see the front one has been trimmed on the back to remove the fender struts. I just think it's a cleaner look.

Looks good. I did one a while back and it seems like it took forever to put it back together with the tank fenders rack chainguard and that rail thing on the front,and it seemed like I scratched it with every new part . Good luck and it really turned out nice.
I started putting more parts on the bike. I told my fiance that this would be my winter project, but it's moving along a little quicker than I had expected. I decided to use a sprocket that I took off one of my WM Sting-Rays. I kinda dig it though. The original was just too rusty to try to salvage. The handlebar stem is from a lowrider bicycle that I converted awhile back. Not sure if I dig the height of it, but I couldn't get it to go down any further for some reason. May be too much rust down in there! I'm still missing a decent set of wheels. That's what will probably drag this project out since we are currently trying to buy a new house and funds are tight. Luckily, the new place we are trying to get has a great basement for all the bicycles!

Comming out GREAT!.I like the rear carrier with the bobbed fender. Color combo is very cool.....SOOOOO you think your gonna wait til winter to finish? :lol: :lol: :lol: ..I gotta a 'five" that says it'll have NEW tires and rims by Labor Day! :lol:
Thanks Guys! Quick question for whoever might read this posting. Has anyone used Rust-Oleum Plastic paint on a seat? I've tried to find the vinyl paint and nobody in my area carries in Rust-Oleum or Dupli-Color. I was just wondering if the plastic paint was pliable to use on a seat.
the chrome on that sprocket is amazing is it original and if so what the heck did you use to clean it? and really nice color combo
karfer67 said:
the chrome on that sprocket is amazing is it original and if so what the heck did you use to clean it? and really nice color combo

No, it's not original. I used a sprocket from a Wal-Mart bike that I changed out awhile back. The original was just too rusty for a clean looking bike if you know what I mean.
That colour combo looks really good on that bike! The brown accents are just perfect! :) This is going to be a beautiful bike!
Gdcast said:
I´d love to see how she turned out!

She's hanging in basement in pretty much the same state as my last pictures. I did put a Bell saddle on her and painted the bars satin brown. I recently got married, moved into a new house and found out we're expecting our first kid. Things have been kinda hectic. I WILL get back to this one though!
very kool, nice bike, got a house, married and now a little rat rodder will be born. good luck

Outlaw :D
I may be finally making some progress on this build. I needed a set of wheels for it and hadn't run across anything that I wanted to cannablize to get the wheels. I picked up a Murray middle weight with a 3 speed hub in back at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store (SATS on 5th, clever huh) . I hope to be able to polish 'em up, slap some new rubber on and stick it together. Only problem now is that I have to add a caliper brake since the new wheel is a freewheel hub. Oh well, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
Alright, I need some opinions here. I was thinking about this bike last nite and I'm still trying to figure out my wheel situation. The donor bike I got this week is a 3-speed, but the wheels are 26x1 3/8. Kinda skinny. :? I would like to run white walls on it, but WWs of this size are few and the ones that are out there are kinda pricey. PLUS, as I stated before, I have to figure out a way to add caliper brakes in order to use the 3-speed. So, I was thinking of finding a 26x2.125 rear coaster wheel and throwing that on the back and keeping the skinny wheel up front. If I go this route, I would like it to be noticable that there is a fatter tire on the back. Will it be?