Anybody sniffing BO 19 in the air?

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He showed/told me that the construction of the new series is different than the skeleton series of frames. Skeletron's were box on between the bent box. The newer frames are a lot lighter as they use plate instead of voc between the bent box tubing.

A couple skeletrons for reference...

One at 2016 OBC
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Skeleton 1 and 2 reunion at Ralphies bike shop show in 2020.
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Skeletron in my driveway...
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Closer pic. 80+ gear combinations. A feat in reduction and getting everything you cam get out of a pedal on a bike that takes tow to three people to lift
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Very creative, I would not build this look personally, but I can deeply appreciate this.

That fork on the 3rd picture looks awesome. The flows/bends :heart:
A couple Saturdays ago, Art and I rode from the launchpad to Crank N Grind where his welder was at. The seat had broke a weld from the night before. After he back together we hung out and talked. Great guy.

I think this one was the second.
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I can endlessly drool over that dropout that makes the rear 'hub' seem to float.
A bright coloured or anodised hub would stand out with this.
Sweet bike!
I can endlessly drool over that dropout that makes the rear 'hub' seem to float.
A bright coloured or anodised hub would stand out with this.
Sweet bike!
That hub on that 5 inch wheel is Sturmey Archer SX-RK3. That makes the dropouts a bit over 170mm wide.

Such a cool piece, instead of replacing it, I'd be having it anodozed the wanted color.

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9 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Man this top build is almost enough to get me to part out the woman’s Higgins I bought. The way it uses those skirts is awesome.

That is @fordsnake 's MOFAUX build and winner of BO7. Skirts are fun on men's bike. Just think of them as Caddy fins or Marvin Martian spaceship legs. Tons of ways to use them. I think I have used them in 4 or 5 builds so far.

Here is a RRB Skirt Guard Gallery for you
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I don't have a build plan yet. I still need to go pull some bikes from my stash and see what talks to me for BO19. Hoping to do that this week.
I've been looking through my Kingfish Finds gallery for ideas. Here are some that peak my interest this year.
I am kinda leaning towards building out the Elgin Oriole frame.

I'm going to be doing a build at around the same time, so I figured I'll throw my hat into the ring. It's muscle, so it'll be the black sheep. But it's mainly to keep me focused on progress.
I may do the same thing. It won't be a contender for the prize but since it's next in line for a client, the timing is right.

I have a bike that I need to build for myself but unfortunately, it will have to wait.