Asymetrical trike (la Chouineuse)

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Re: Asymetrical trike

The directionnal wheels.
Fantastic. I'm also curious about braking. Looks like maybe a coaster brake on the "one" wheel, in which case, does the bike tend to swing around when stopping hard?

The mirrored curves of the "top tubes" and the big tire is especially beautiful. Well done!
I'll be in studying in Paris throughout June, and I expect to see you cruising around on this! :wink:
Thanks ! For the moment there is only a coaster brake which work well (no swing)
Maybe I would put another brake on the small front wheel. Not for security , just because this brake is beautiful :)

Jimmybug contact us at the custom brigade forum when you ll be in Paris, there is a lot of cruise in june :wink:
holy crap, dude... :shock: love
Outstanding! You´re a very brave man!
I have killed eleven drills since I started messing around with bikes... I´m thinking about painting the silhouettes of them some place in the workshop, as WWII pilots did on their planes you now.

Can´t wait to see this one done!
Oups! :oops:
I forgot to post some update...
Here is la Chouineuse.
These is not complety finished. I don't know if I will make a cockpit or not.
I make some cruise with her and it ride not so bad (when it's flat) . Maybe a seven gear coster brake will be better than 3.



And the bbq is missing at the back side. I have to make pictures with it. :roll:
:shock: That´s really impressive mon ami!!!
That machine is something great, I would love to have one like it, I bet is head turner all right!

If I may, let me tell you two things I would add,
I would change the backrest fabric for an Olive Drab one, like the one in those pants you´re using in the picture, and second, nose art. Here some inspiration, so you can see what I mean:

Ride is looking terrific man! Keep working your magic!
WOW! I have not been following this build but I should have. That turned out very nice. I do like the idea of nose art.