Asymetrical trike (la Chouineuse)

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Just got to bump this thread back up to inspire everyone doing the anything goes build off. Some truly awesome out of the box thinking here! :shock:

This is actually the thread and pics that first brought me to

Dude! Definitely cool, this ride! 8) 8)
Maybe the way of stearing this monster could be made a bit more comfy? And a 7-gear hub can be a big improvement,indeed.
Thumbs up! :D
Maybe it needs some photos here.

This build is so sick! Love the Custom Brigade ride video too!
My first ever *bump* @LukeTheJoker said a long time ago, this build was his inspiration to join! Has the student has become the master?

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Thanks @ChimeraCycle!

I could never be the master of Irzouts though, I may be a fabricator, but he is an artist! One of his later builds that ended up with the whole build process as a video on YouTube was just amazing functional metal sculpture...

I know this is an old thread, but I just saw it. One question I have is the ghost ring on the drive chain, how is it supported ? How does it work ?