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Now remember we are in Michigan and many times the weather they say we are going to have isn't true. LOL

That happens to you guys too? I think it's a conspiracy. Hope you guys get a break from the cold soon!
Did the "Major Award" from the build off show up?
Yeeah hope you can too, its 8 here wind chill -7... I can't :arghh:

This I swear was really the first day since we shouted Happy New Year and threw confetti that I felt confident that the weather was good enough for a test ride even with a looming snow and ice storm that could be smelled in the air. My back hurts from shoveling more than six feet of snow this season and my bones ache from the constant cold that is Michigan. Unfortunately not everything has gone right on this build. This bike has been challenging to make and I knew from the beginning that a possible design flaw might doom this build and it did. The bike as it sits right now is not ride-able and I know why but there is no time to fix it. Im not giving up on this one but for now im moving on to other stuff. If you want to see it get finished I will post it on my face book page. Also I am hosting the 2014 Freakbikers burrito build-off on Facebook as well and it is not to late to join so come on and check that out too. Thanks for all the great comments.

Sorry to hear this news. Still a sick looking bike!
Having all that weight out front was horrible for the caster on the front wheel. All it wanted to do was flop to the side as soon as your leg went forward on that side. If I bring the bottom bracket rearward it should correct the problem. I fell off at least ten times today and the cement is harder in the winter. I had the family all loaded in the van and they were going to follow me and get some video but i never got off the launch pad. Oh well this is how we learn. This is my most morphed bike ive ever had and im not giving up on the underslung steering yet.

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