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I've got about 25 complete, plus enough parts to build at least 5 more. My wife keeps saying I can only have 3.
I just got a call here at work that I have more now. The neighbors heard I fix bikes for the needy and have started dropping off bikes at the house. The story evolved to where I fix up bikes for underprivileged kids. So there is a mongoose bike waiting for me when I get home. The wife is really happy about this turn of events.
I have the following bicycles. M=mans W=woman's K=kids F=frame P=project S=being scrapped R=rebuilt
AMF Nimble 3speed M

Atala 10 speed M
10 speed MF

Atkins Sabre Flite M
Bianci 10 speed MF
Bottecchia Grand Prix 10 speedM
Bugatti Touring Sport 10 speed M
Centurion 10speed M

Columbia Gold Crest 10speed M
26 inch 3speed MF
26 inch 1940's W

CWC 26 inch W
24 inch WF
Loop Tail W

Dahon Folding 3speed M M
Derby skip 26 inch M
Dawes 10speed MR
Diamond Back Fleet Streak 12 speed M
Dunalt 3speed W

Evan Commander balloon M
Interceptor 100 balloon M

Firestone 500 1960's W
Fleet Wing 26 inch W Western Germany
Fuji Sport 10 10speed M
Hartford 1897 skip M

Hawthorne Balloon MP
Balloon W

Hercules Oval lugs MP
AMF 3speed M
Camel back M

Huffy 512 10 speed MS
Sea Trails 3speed M
Sea Trails 3speed WS
Scout 10speedM

Iver Johnson Camel Back skip 1920's M

Iverson Grand Sport 10speed W
Grand Tourist WF

Kent Road Tech K
Lotus 10 speed M
Mangusta Aluminum 10speed M
Monark Thunderbird 1960's WF

Mongoose Hoop D K
Sting ray type K

Murray Westport W

Phillips 3speed W
3speed MF WF
Indian Scout 3speed 1953 M

Raleigh Grand Prix 10speed M
Sprite 10speed W
Sprite 27 10speed M
Sport 3speed W
Colt 3speedW
Super Course Mk II 10speed M
Skyline 10speed M

Rampar R-2 10speed M
24 inch 3speedW

Roadmaster Mt Fury 10speedM M M
Convertible K
AMC IV 1960's M

Rollfast 3speed M
26 inch W

Ross 26 inch W
26 inch M
Super Deluxe 1960 M

Royal 3speed W
Royal Scot Rod pull 1970 M

Royce Union 3speed WP
50th M
50th W
Ramhorn style K

Sears Spaceliner WP
JC Higgins 1960 W

Schwinn Varsity 10 speed FFE WF
Varsity 10 speed MF
Sportabout 10speed MR
Sportabout Fixte MP
Transit 10speed M
Skipper 1960's M
Speedster 1950's M
Deluxe Breeze 1960's W
Fair Lady 1970's K

Seiberling 26 inch Balloon skip M
Selfridge Rod pull 3speed 1937 W

Shelby 24 inch skip Balloon W
26 inch Balloon W
26 inch skip balloon 1930'sMF

Soma Generation 10speedM
Specialized Fat Boy K KF
Sterling 10speed W
Super Racer W
Super Sport W
Sutton Racer 10speed M
Triumph 3speed 1970'sM

Tyler Stingray style K
24 inch K

Vulcan 3speed 1954M
Western Flyer Sherwood Flyer 3speed W
Westfield Miami skip 1942 M

Kids bicycles 8 including a
Barbie shaft drive

For a total of 111 Bicycles

That does not include the bicycles I am going to get in a barn find this week end
10 to 15 bicycles, 20 to 30 frames and parts. Can someone say Uhaul
Well... Let's see...
I've got the cheapliner, the stretchliner, the fire arrow, two west coast custom choppers(Not the chrome kiddie bike ones. These are like chinese versions of the electr ratfink-type bikes), a Dyno Kustom Kruiser, 2 worksmans, 3 Hollywoods, a Spitfire, a prewar hawthorne, a postwar columbia straightbar, a trailmaster trike, and a pile of frames and project stuff... Wow. 15 complete bikes. Crazy. In June of 08, I had 2. Look at me now...