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Jan 26, 2007
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I've got about 25 complete, plus enough parts to build at least 5 more. My wife keeps saying I can only have 3.


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Jan 21, 2009
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Zambales, Philippines
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I just got a call here at work that I have more now. The neighbors heard I fix bikes for the needy and have started dropping off bikes at the house. The story evolved to where I fix up bikes for underprivileged kids. So there is a mongoose bike waiting for me when I get home. The wife is really happy about this turn of events.
Oct 15, 2008
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Oswego, New York
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I have the following bicycles. M=mans W=woman's K=kids F=frame P=project S=being scrapped R=rebuilt
AMF Nimble 3speed M

Atala 10 speed M
10 speed MF

Atkins Sabre Flite M
Bianci 10 speed MF
Bottecchia Grand Prix 10 speedM
Bugatti Touring Sport 10 speed M
Centurion 10speed M

Columbia Gold Crest 10speed M
26 inch 3speed MF
26 inch 1940's W

CWC 26 inch W
24 inch WF
Loop Tail W

Dahon Folding 3speed M M
Derby skip 26 inch M
Dawes 10speed MR
Diamond Back Fleet Streak 12 speed M
Dunalt 3speed W

Evan Commander balloon M
Interceptor 100 balloon M

Firestone 500 1960's W
Fleet Wing 26 inch W Western Germany
Fuji Sport 10 10speed M
Hartford 1897 skip M

Hawthorne Balloon MP
Balloon W

Hercules Oval lugs MP
AMF 3speed M
Camel back M

Huffy 512 10 speed MS
Sea Trails 3speed M
Sea Trails 3speed WS
Scout 10speedM

Iver Johnson Camel Back skip 1920's M

Iverson Grand Sport 10speed W
Grand Tourist WF

Kent Road Tech K
Lotus 10 speed M
Mangusta Aluminum 10speed M
Monark Thunderbird 1960's WF

Mongoose Hoop D K
Sting ray type K

Murray Westport W

Phillips 3speed W
3speed MF WF
Indian Scout 3speed 1953 M

Raleigh Grand Prix 10speed M
Sprite 10speed W
Sprite 27 10speed M
Sport 3speed W
Colt 3speedW
Super Course Mk II 10speed M
Skyline 10speed M

Rampar R-2 10speed M
24 inch 3speedW

Roadmaster Mt Fury 10speedM M M
Convertible K
AMC IV 1960's M

Rollfast 3speed M
26 inch W

Ross 26 inch W
26 inch M
Super Deluxe 1960 M

Royal 3speed W
Royal Scot Rod pull 1970 M

Royce Union 3speed WP
50th M
50th W
Ramhorn style K

Sears Spaceliner WP
JC Higgins 1960 W

Schwinn Varsity 10 speed FFE WF
Varsity 10 speed MF
Sportabout 10speed MR
Sportabout Fixte MP
Transit 10speed M
Skipper 1960's M
Speedster 1950's M
Deluxe Breeze 1960's W
Fair Lady 1970's K

Seiberling 26 inch Balloon skip M
Selfridge Rod pull 3speed 1937 W

Shelby 24 inch skip Balloon W
26 inch Balloon W
26 inch skip balloon 1930'sMF

Soma Generation 10speedM
Specialized Fat Boy K KF
Sterling 10speed W
Super Racer W
Super Sport W
Sutton Racer 10speed M
Triumph 3speed 1970'sM

Tyler Stingray style K
24 inch K

Vulcan 3speed 1954M
Western Flyer Sherwood Flyer 3speed W
Westfield Miami skip 1942 M

Kids bicycles 8 including a
Barbie shaft drive

For a total of 111 Bicycles

That does not include the bicycles I am going to get in a barn find this week end
10 to 15 bicycles, 20 to 30 frames and parts. Can someone say Uhaul
Jul 24, 2008
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Eugene, Oregon
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Well... Let's see...
I've got the cheapliner, the stretchliner, the fire arrow, two west coast custom choppers(Not the chrome kiddie bike ones. These are like chinese versions of the electr ratfink-type bikes), a Dyno Kustom Kruiser, 2 worksmans, 3 Hollywoods, a Spitfire, a prewar hawthorne, a postwar columbia straightbar, a trailmaster trike, and a pile of frames and project stuff... Wow. 15 complete bikes. Crazy. In June of 08, I had 2. Look at me now...

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