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I think finding people on the road will become more common with people becoming so dependent on their phones to navigate.
mom still old-school. Maps and memory, compass occasionally. Many of the places I go don’t have cell service
he didn’t even have a map.
Hey Siri, take me to Tacos is cool and all, and you can bet your lunch on your phones ability without too much risk. But when your life may be on the line, have some paper backup.
sunset pic to help get back on track.
My wife navigates by phone. One trip to a mountain resort in Quebec took us all the way around a lake on a dirt track that would have been challenging on a trail bike. Took us at least an hour and a half out of our way, absolutely no way I would have chosen that route on paper. The scenery was completely spectacular, such a great drive, we still talk about it to this day. Good and bad in everything
Haro Vector in great shape. purchased today for just $30. Former owner passed and the widow told a relative to sell everything in the storage unit.


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