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Schwinn Prelude red white blue! 1989. Out for a final ride. It's just too big and needs to go. Great riding bike. Fairly light, very smooth riding and decently fast. It was missing the crank and bb when I got it. I put on a nicer Shimano tri color 600, surely a big upgrade. I rode it a lot in 2020 but its been sitting ever since in my office at work. Well, they are moving so I have to clean out the office and this bike needs a new home. I rode it to the lake tonight for a party. Well, they moved the party and didn't bother to tell me. Peeved? Not really, the extra miles were surely better than the party. About 44 miles total tonight. I had to ride it back home, the last 3 miles in the dark without lights. I was expecting a ride home in a van so I didn't take lights.

Just finished up this 1972 Schwinn Varsity single speed conversion.
Sky is hazy from the Canadian fires.

Schwinn.Varsity.GH057851 (20).JPG