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One day one day
I owned the Italien version once, the Bianchi Bersaglieri. Unfortunately it wasn't complete (no chain) and someone had welded non original cranks to the bottom bracket axle.
Sold it to the military attaché from Indonesia for his private Militaria collection when he was leaving Berlin.
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These are sooooo nice, want the brakes and the straddle setup. Note the barrel adjustment View attachment 224366
Paul's Touring Cantilevers with Hunter Nugs straddle cable
I am running that setup on the back of my Cross Check (well with an Onza Chill Pill). The Hunter Nugs is sweet. TBH though still not a huge fan of cantis...
They're not vees, that's for sure, but I think for certain applications, they're sufficient.
Yeah. For me it is more the amount of fiddling it seems to take to get them stopping well versus V-brakes and they seem to need adjustment more often. But that bike has Klampers up front so it isn't a massive deal.
That's funny. I have never found a set of V brakes that I like. I've even replaced them with cantis...


Yeah I know the brake pad isn't aligned there, I fixed it after I saw the picture. But these are much more better than what it came with and match the levers I needed for the drum brake I put in back.

V brakes always feel way too spongy to me. I like brakes to have zero give to them, no flex anywhere. I'm used to stuff that can stand a motorcycle on it's nose with a two finger pull, so if there's flex anywhere it just feels wrong to me.

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