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Checked. Mello room. I forget at fifty something that I may still be the least mature.
Oh I didn’t mean it in that way. I’m just implying that that guy…just did some really bad things to people. But I’m in no way trying to censor you by any means. No finger wagging here…
"brakes are only good for about 4 or 5 seconds" then proceeds to hammer into the downhill. haha
I used to watch Batman on TV in 1966. My little cousins used to dress up in “capes” and run around the house yelling things like BAMMO! KAPOW!

I am afraid that after the age of 12, it wasn’t as magical anymore.

I was a lot more interested in the movie cars themselves though. I had seen George Barris’s work for many years in the Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines that my dad used to buy.

Of course back then Barris was doing cars for rich play boys, and I was really more interested in the cars Ed Roth was building.
I'll have a little bit of everything...

Well, almost everything
Holy smokes @ingola I think I found something cooler than that BSA...
WW1 Bianchi Spring Frame folding bike.
(Modelo Militaire Brevetatto)

Folks, that's a suspension fork and frame with bikepacking bags and swept back risers. From 1912. Modern bikes are a hundred and ten years behind this
It wasn’t very long between the perfection of bicycles and the perfection of the motor car, both following from good old Eli Whitney. Interchangeable parts made it all work.

We went from thousands of years of horseback cavalry, to a very few years of bicycle cavalry, to the modern motorized infantry and air cavalry.

That was a very romantic time in bicycling.