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Hey ingola remember when I said that Raleigh probably snuck some special bikes in at the end of the era? I was right
1997ish Raleigh Dyna Tech Ti:

97 Raleigh M Trax with Optima tubing:
I know this a bikes you likes View attachment 253636
Well, I was getting ready to show my wife my new love interest (favorite bike) when suddenly my computer went blank. I traced the lack of power to the garage and hiding amongst the debris I found my current favorite bike with a hand full (wheel full??) of power cords wrapped around the back wheel.....and the faint sound of whistling in the background of someone trying to be coy. In the future I guess I need to be a little more discrete what I view on the computer....

These guys are seriously good. The rock sections are insanely difficult, the slower they're going, the harder what they're doing actually is. Some say this is impossible on an old bike

Narrow bars, spd's and skinnyish tires. I can totally relate. Guess I'm stuck in the 90's.
I was never all in on the narrow bars. I put 630 mm wide bars on my Hardrock in the 90s and never looked back. Of course anything less than 700 is narrow now, but it was wide then lol
To be honest I've always loved mountain bikes but most often rode them in the city. When you're lane splitting in Sampa you have to compete with the motobois and they love to mess with cyclists. Narrow bars give you a little more room.

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GT did the absolute best funky paint, theirs was more like a drizzle than a splat. I love it when you get one with the matching stem. Problem is then you're stuck using a 135mm stem lol

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