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Another chapter in the MMC saga. Here's an insider's story of how it happened
Since we're talking about GT stems, here's the early 90s threadless Flip Flop stem, features in the ad above. You could remove the neck and flip it with one Allen wrench, changing the geometry in minutes View attachment 253769 pretty cutting edge stuff, even if it's too long

Reminds me of the AS stems I had on a couple 40s Continentals, those had a thick, thick chrome quill and a nice alloy extension. Didn't have the double wedge, though- that's interesting!!
Why do I like STX? Aside from the jockey wheels and adjustment barrel, all steel construction. Beyond this level, it's just weight reduction, reduced resistance, and frills.

I'll be able to keep using this old boy for a long time.
the Bud Light Bailout section looks so similar to a section of a local trail here we call "Devil's Crotch". My first time down, the ride leader stopped and said "ok, I suggest you go over and look down before deciding if you're going to attempt this". I said, "move", shoved him out the way and sent it. I made it. 24 years old and dumb.
I said, "move", shoved him out the way and sent it. I made it. 24 years old and dumb.
Lol nowadays I walk away from things I wouldn't even have stopped to look at back then. Scouting for the right line was what you did after the crash