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I pass this bridge every day on my commute to work.
Eugen-Kleine-Brücke over the Teltowkanal, Berlin, Germany
I am a scout leader. Some photos of a scout and family bike hike on the Chester Valley Trail.



This bridge is over Church Rd. In the background you can see this this rail to trail route also has a tunnel under Rt 202.

Church Road...


One more bike and leader who was not on the bridge when I was, rode this recumbent. Thought you might like to see it too.


I rode under that bridge on the Erie canal path on the other side of the water. An unusual tower-less lift bridge with the optional stairs so pedestrians can cross even when the span is up. Now being rebuilt. The Erie canal still gets lots of boat traffic during the warmer weather. Many boats that move with the seasons from the Great Lakes to Florida, etc.

Moving the main bits to shore.

and live video feed here:
Took the ol DX out for a cruise today....not a cloud in the sky,...I'd guess about 78 degrees.
Not the best pic but the sun was in front of me...


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Been chronicling this one…more upgrades to come


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