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Dude!!!! How close are you trying to cut it to the Finished thread deadline!!!! There is only 12 freaking minutes left!!!! :D
Wow that was nerve-racking!

Looks like I was that last to finish.:whew: I'm having serious issues with trying to get my photos to work. I can view them but can't download them. Finally I resorted to taking a screen shot and posted it.:43:
Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
Black Betty had a child (Bam-ba-Lam)
The .... thing gone wild (Bam-ba-Lam)
She said, "I'm worryin' outta mind" (Bam-ba-Lam)
The .... thing gone blind (Bam-ba-Lam)
I upgraded my finished thread again.

It made the first post much longer than I would like. But because everything happened so fast at 5 minutes before the deadline, I wasn't able to secure the first two or three posts to be able to break the different things apart the way I would've liked. Sorry about that.

:forum:Thanks everyone for tagging along with this build. I've enjoyed reading each and every comment and suggestion that you have added along the way! :)
Thanks to my good friend Arnold Montgomery for shooting my eleventh hour photos. Arnold and I have been playing music together for many many years. He is a great friend and an awesome sax player. He also makes and sells saxophone mouth pieces that are played around the world! A true craftsman.

Arnold Photo Shoot.jpg

Check out his work HERE.
Thank you to everyone that voted for the Blackbird!

:forum:I truly appreciate all of the kind words, suggestions and banter the we shared for the past four months. It's always a pleasure to be a part of this community that proves that even in competition there is still room for solidarity and civility.

Rat on, Jim
Bonus round...

I hated the bars that I had planned to use and ran out of time so I settled for the flipped cross bars on the last day of the build off.

Since then I've been trying to imagine some type of custom bars to replace the ones on it. They also needed to look vintage so I decided to do my own take on the Shelby Airflow bars.
Shelby air flow.jpg

I don't have the luxury of a tubing bender. And even if I did, it would take some serious practice to master using one like @karfer67 does with his work! So cutting up old bars and rearranging them was my best approach.

I wanted everything more compact and lower profile than the original Airflo bars. After some head scratching and holding pieces together I decided on the shape and had my cousin Charlie TIG weld the Frankenbars together.
AeroFlow bars.jpg

Here's what it turned into after cutting, welding, grinding, filing and sanding!
AeroFlow bars 2.jpg

I think I'll call them Aeroflo bars. :nerd:

The plan is to have them painted and on the bike before this weekend so that I can take it to the Barber Vintage Festival for its first public debut!
Very cool take on those bars. That downturned grip area is unique. I'm curious to see how that fits with the build.
Well done to you and to TRC (The Renaissance Cousin) !
Very cool take on those bars. That downturned grip area is unique. I'm curious to see how that fits with the build.
Well done to you and to TRC (The Renaissance Cousin) !
Thanks. It's good to have a welder in the family! I go as far as fitting and tacking together and then I chicken out. :chicken::21:

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