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Nov 17, 2018
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Like most thing's on wheels I always like to check out the rear first . This oversize bread box will be my trikes trunk . Next I need to tear into the rear axle and see what needs work ?
r trunk.jpg
Huuummmmm I’m a bread fan ...

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It is alot of fun and keeps your mind busy . I decided to dig out my donor bike . It's a 30's or 40's Elgin rust bucket , the house paint is about the same color I want to go with . Going to try and save skirt guards , chain guard , seat post ,stem , sprocket and chain . The bare frame I will be using is also a Elgin but with the curved seat post bar . This was a thrift store bargain I picked up and there's no telling what other parts I might need off it
doner elgin.jpg
Fed X just showed up with the Monarch 24" springier fork I'k going to use . So I had to pull out the curved bar Elgin frame to see if the threads on the fork were going to fit . Look like it will , after the fork is completely assembled . This trike is going to be so heavy , it's going to take a ape to start it rolling . I'm going to to find a smaller sprocket or change the name of the bike to
Blu - Ape ?
monarch trial.jpg
High cool factor with that rear axle, the vintage cool donor bike, and that trunk, oh that trunk.
Just curious, any junk in that trunk?

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