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While waiting for hurricane dorain to give some relief to poor
Jamaica I have been pecking away on Blu-Gal . Most of the paint
is done using rust-oleum flat advance paint over red primer, grey
filler primer and a flat iron sealer giving 3-4 days between . I also
have the handlebars laid out using the EA light and horn , a vintage Triumph brake handle that has been cut down , blue flexgrip grips
because they fit the Sturmey Archer twist shifter perfect and some
type of art deco mirror that I realy like . Going to work on the trunk in the garage because dorain is heading our way .
bg 1.jpg
bg 3.jpg

Keep Jamaica in your prayers .
Hang tough brother! Hopefully it will stay offshore mostly.
Glad you got some paint time in. Be safe!!
I think you mean the Bahamas and not Jamaica. It sat over a day on top of it.
I have some Jamaican friends at church and they can't contact there family members to check on them . This has a caused some
confusion with me . Sorry
I have the trunk laid out . Mounted a ss battery strap holder for the handle , a terminal strip inside for battery connections and a Vintage Elgin outbord badge . If it ever stops raining it needs to be painted . Guess I'll get back on the wheels and tires next .


  • trunk 1.jpg
    trunk 1.jpg
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Attempting to get the rear axle back together . After doing some
research it looks like it's made by Brampton , a copy of the SA hubs
made in England for Raleigh bikes ?
Blu-gal goes behind the wall , I think she over heated . Been working on this gal since 4 A.M. and I'm ready to pass out from
the heat . I'm ready to put it on the trailer and make a sandwich
any one else need one , I'm calling it DNF . It's been a blast
and maybe next year I'll stay on the porch with the other old dog's . I had more fun just being a spectator this year . Good luck to
everyone .

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