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May 18, 2016
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Speedway, Indiana

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Build thread here -

More pics after the description :)

My goals here were simple, take what I had from an original 1957 Schwinn Phantom and meld it with some modern components... A classic resto-mod. I drew inspiration from the low-slung board track racers from the late teens and early 1920's, and what some may think an unlikely source... Bourbon. Taking a deeper look into the culture of board track racing and Bourbon distilling you quickly find common ground. This was the fringe element of the time, uniquely American with an edge. For my spin on this, however, I would shoot for a super clean and pure aesthetic. Powder blue, copper, leather, brass and chrome would drive the flavor of the design and be accented with unique period and modern components. The devil is in the details and I wanted to leverage the beauty of the original Schwinn design in a new and exciting way.

Some of the more unique touches include:
Leather cord wrapping - on the frame as a bumper for the springer, for the binding on the grips, and as a cover on the lower light bracket
Saddle-mounted flask cage with Basil Hayden badge
BMX knock-offs and safety wires for the front axle
Automatic spotlight for the headlight
Desktop microphone for the rear light
1941 Torpedo rear hub
Various copper, brass, and chrome hardware

This was my first build-off and I have had an amazing time with the planning, building, and meeting so many wonderful people that are dedicated to preserving and pushing forward our favorite two-wheeled brethren. In one word it was awesome!

With no further ado, I present to you, Bourbon & Blue.

1957 Schwinn Phantom donor - original frame, springer fork & hardware (repop crown)
frame - 1957 Schwinn Phantom
head badge - 1950's NOS
headset - vintage style repop
springer fork & hardware - 1957 Schwinn Phantom (repop crown)
stem - vintage style front loader
handlebars - 1960's Wald
grips - perforated leather wrap with 1mm leather cord binding
seatpost - 1957 Schwinn Phantom with copper sleeve and rubber gasket
seat post clamp - 1957 Schwinn (polished not re-plated)
saddle - DDK Classic
front hub - 1972 Schwinn high-flange
rear hub - 1941 Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo 50millionen edition
rims - 1940's NOS
tires - Felt Quick Brick
valve caps - vintage 1940's
bottom bracket - Odyssey 19mm external sealed bearing
crank arms - Sunday Saker 175mm
sprocket - Rennen Design 48t
chain guard - vintage Schwinn
pedals - MKS GR-9 in copper
clips - MKS leather covered half-clip
front light - late 1930's Unity S6 spotlight with tinted GE lamp and Mooneyes visor
rear light - 1940's Webster Chicago desk microphone (LED element inside)
flask and cage - King Cage
bell - Crane Japan
knock-offs - NOS ACS Ben Hur

IMG_8905 (1).jpg

A few more images that didn't make the cut are here -
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Fine peice of Art you built . Man this came out sweet. Love the color combos . First build off but not first bike . Really like that rear reflector mic & flask holder pour us up a shot ....
That third photo is the money shot! Polished build in every sense of the word....! Well done.

I love that shot too - thanks!

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Fine peice of Art you built . Man this came out sweet. Love the color combos . First build off but not first bike . Really like that rear reflector mic & flask holder pour us up a shot ....

Thank you SO much for such nice words. I'll gladly pour up a nice glass of Bourbon for everyone to enjoy.

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Really clean build, the color is perfect with the leather and mix of metals.

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Thank you! I'm quite pleased on how she turned out as well [emoji1360]

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This thing is perfect, and the color WOW !! :13:
This thing is perfect, and the color WOW !! :13:

Thanks! Glad you like her [emoji1360] it's been a very fun build.

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