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My Firebike Fluid in Metallic Hunter Green
Prewar Hawthorne. Bought it cheap last summer with a really bad 2nd paint job. Think it was house paint. Had it powder coated Gutter Green. Then had a guy in Columbus lay down some lines! Will be giving it to a friend soon.
I WILL be your friend! Very nice bike, Rg
A Renegade I redid for a friend. It originally was a gold-green color.


And an old Schwinn repainted green with white trim.

Lots of green on this one. Added the tires so the police can find it earlier the next time it gets stolen.

Here it is when it was added to the flock.


Added a bit more of an identifier


Added a tank yesterday


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Had installed these correct parts a while back but forgot to post it.


It's all about the Tanklights!!

How did I run out of room so fast?
Another but long gone. Wish I still had this one.


It's all about the Tanklights!!

How did I run out of room so fast?
Flamed Marbled Smooothy (the final iteration)


She was built from spare parts; comfortable and geared for the hills. Removed the front derailleur and the double 42-38T crank set and installed a single 52T crank instead, added a rear seat tube carrier.

The spring settings are for the softest ride possible – I’m no longer the hard ask I used to be! ;)
Someone say Green??
This is my Mid 60's Otasco, with Schwinn Stingray bars and Stingray sparkle green plush rubber Banana seat. It was a craigslist find. 40 bucks. 20 to have delivered. 60 total.

All but the tubes, seat and Handlebars are STOCK Otasco Flying-O Parts.[Including the very cracked tires I need to EVENTUALLY replace..but like my dad always said, dont fix what isnt broken. these tires must be 30+ years strong~]
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Here is mine. Gonna be adding 144 spoke wheels around Christmas


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