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Dec 8, 2011
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Sacramento, CA
This thread is always a cool one each year to highlight some of the great touches that builders are putting into their bikes. It's a chance for you to point people to a build they might be missing. As in years past, I would ask that you not promote your own builds here, but rather shine a light on stuff that someone else has done that you thought was that little extra layer of cool.

I'll start by showing that Kingfish's Evans-action fork alone makes his build sexy.
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I've spent the last few weeks trying to put the idea in head down on paper. Here's an early version of the direction I'd like to pursue.

I think Fordsnake's FENIX concept it awesome!! If the bike looks half as good as. The concept it will be amazing!!
Scientific Faux-tina testing on GYSOT!

Playing with patina a bit. I picked up a piece of steel as a stand-in for the frame, and started painting one side with red oxide primer. Then I sprayed half of that side in black primer, then shot the whole thing with Willow Green.


Then I started wet sanding with some 600 grit sandpaper. Starting with the red oxide side...


Then the black and red oxide side.


I thought the sanding down to the black layer looked OK, but wasn't wild about the sanding all the way to the red oxide and bare metal.

On the other side, I tried something different.


Let's just assume that the top part of the metal is the top of the tank. I started with some etching primer - a full coat on the bottom, then a light coat at the top. Then I hit it with some gloss black, and finished it off with willow green. The logic was this:

The etching primer will stick to the metal, the black will stick to the primer, and the green will stick to the black. I hit the light areas, it should go right down to bare metal without much issue. Then, once I have bare metal exposed, I can rust it with vinegar and salt water.

So here's where I stand, after a little vinegar treatment. It's not bad, but I won't really know until it's had a chance to rust a little more.


Hopefully I'll get to the frame by the end of the weekend.


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