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Roadwarrior's panels...KILLER

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Oh dear. Is there an "anti-highlights" thread? Build-off lowlights maybe?


karfer67 has revealed that he drinks...not just Old Milwaukee...but NON-ALCOHOLIC Old Milwaukee! :eek: All of the terrible flavor...none of the buzz.


Relax, I'm poking fun. Still...might bring your own drinks to parties at Karfer's house... :D
Reason being i dont drink real beer anymore and that (i cant say it here) keeps me away from the real stuff. Here an empty box was being used so the newly painted rims didn't get scratched.

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LOL!!!! I went on a bit of a handlebar binge somewhere in the middle of all this. I'm just looking forward to seeing my original Razor bars on Fenix.
Sorry kingfish u got trumped. Putting an engine with a freaking prop on it wins

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I agree Adam!!! And he lived to talk about it too!!! Way cool!

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