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Nov 6, 2021
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Mounted some mountain bike forks on my China girl to smooth out her ride...


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Thanks. The stock ring was too small and I got tired of the fast spin in top gear...
Yup! Just north of dog beach. Try to cruise from Warner to the Newport jetty 2 times a week...
I bought two chunks of aluminum to machine the new triple clamps. CNC'd a large portion of the cutting.


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Thanks for the reply MattiThundrrr!
I've been contemplating the fabrication of the classic "Springer Front Fork" which I think would be much more fitting on my e-bike.
and although it has been done before, I don't find any that utilize the 4" fat tire with a disk brake setup as of yet.


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Exited to see what yo come up with for the springer front end. I hope to own a lathe and mill someday!

what is the measurements for you head tube? Diameter/ length? These schwinn stingray OCC guys are all looking for springer front ends but the options out there are slim for non monarch style. Consider making a couple extra sets! I’d be interested for sure.

I have a springer fork from 3g that I like but always keeping my eyes out for different designs. This one is a bit bulky and I think dual springs look better. But overall looks better than most other premade sets out there. It’s a 1 inch diameter tube that I will have to use a 1 1/8” to 1” adapter for.

Hi bruised,

Your Stingray looks awesome and can’t wait to see it completed.

I have studied the Monark Fork and as beautiful as the WEZWORLD design is, I would like to machine a more motorcycle inspired fork utilizing the stock triple clamps and fork tubes and adding the dual rate upper and lower spring sets.

The head tube on my Revi Bikes Cheetah is Ø28.89mm or Ø1.1347 and the fork tubes are Ø34.20 or Ø1.3464

I have a seat that may interest you that I could not use on my build.


I finally got to test ride a Springer Front Fork equipped bike and was thoroughly disappointed with the suspension feel as opposed to my current downhill telescopic tubes. I was so bummed by it's pogo stick like action and no real way to adjust the compression and rebound dampening. Which is probably why they are no longer used today.
They still look so fricken cool and very nostalgic but I've decided to move to other customizing projects and leave the Springer idea behind...
You did lovely work making that springer. I own a Kinekt seatpost and its is very lively because of the springs. I have learned to ride it to minimize up and down unnecessary springing. That said it is the best spring seatpost I've ever owned, and I've had about 4 different brands. In the old days they used a lot of adjustable friction devices to limit springiness. I've also seen springers that had a small damping shock mounted, usually dead center between the springs to keep it from being to springy. Good work one way or the other.
I've actually decided to move on to other projects as my test drive of a springer equipped bike left me a bit disappointed. I have installed a Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Suspension Seat-post and fully enjoy the smooth ride it has provided which is the perfect match to the telescopic front suspension fork I’ve installed. More to come...
Thanks for the reply MattiThundrrr!
I've been contemplating the fabrication of the classic "Springer Front Fork" which I think would be much more fitting on my e-bike.
and although it has been done before, I don't find any that utilize the 4" fat tire with a disk brake setup as of yet.
I own a RAD City high bar with the 26" tires. I really like the idea of a springer on the front of the RAD bike. The telescopic fork does work OK but small road chatter still makes it through. I have the Kinekt seatpost and it is amazing how smooth it makes the ride. I believe a springer would get rid of a lot of small road chatter.
The RAD unfortunately has some aluminum standoffs welded onto the headtube for installation of a front rack. This might preclude using a springer. The RAD has 2.3" tires and they work really well on and off road. These RAD bikes have been a real eye opener for my wife and I in a good way.
Those RADCity bikes have received 4.8 stars on the EBR! Another plus is that you and your wife can enjoy the great outdoors together!
I purchased my bike mainly on aesthetics as it reminds me of the good old motorcycle riding days. I do hope you can find a springer front fork that will work for your RADCity bike without interfering with those rack mounts on the steering head.
Those Trust-Link Forks are super cool! reminds me of a praying mantis...

Have you considered the Kinekt Suspension Stem as an addition to your suspension fork?
I finally got my new Cruiser Select Airflow ES by Cloud-9 installed and it is as close to the perfect seat for me, riding. 30 to 35 miles per ride on the bike path along the SoCal beaches and out on fire roads it is simply amazing! 5 stars!


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