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Found the perfect spot for my drink holder...your drinks may vary.

That is a fine lookin' bike you have there, Mr Miyagi. That front fork is an eye catcher. I've been a fan of flames several decades. Is the seatpost one those high dollar double lever action gizmos?
Thank you so much for the kind words! It’s like a cheaper Hot Rod of sorts and yes, I’ve mounted a “Kinekt Active Suspension Seatpost” A little pricy but my lower back said yea…
Those Trust-Link Forks are super cool! reminds me of a praying mantis...

Have you considered the Kinekt Suspension Stem as an addition to your suspension fork?
Sorry I missed this question. I have thought about just what you are suggesting. As it is the stock fork does take out the sharp hits and the bigger hits are tamed way down. But a small amount of chatter does come through. However this is starting to get into the splitting hairs category and I'm not sure the cost would be worth the effort. The seatpost is awesome in how smooth it makes the ride. My wife and I bought two RADs in April and November 21 and they now have 2600+ miles on them. These RAD e-bikes are wonderful.
I built a klunker off road racing bike to race in the Northern California klunker and then mtb racing scene in 1979. I installed a Softride suspension stem. The stem worked really well on taming the slamming and chatter but the pivots were not machined to a high tolerance and the handlebar would lean to one side or the other a little bit and that was disconcerting. This was before suspension forks and I just lived with it. Solid frame and fork mountain bike racing is totally brutal at race speeds without something like the Softride stem. From what I see the Kinekt is built to a much higher standard and has no side play in its pivots. Also the Softride had a lot of travel, up to 3", the Kinekt stem has less travel, but it would help with chatter and even a bit on bigger hits. My Kinekt seatpost has maybe 1.5" of effective travel and this manages to make my bike totally comfortable even on dirt roads. I have not tried their stem so no comment. I still have that Softride stem to remind me of the good old days but don't use it because of the side to side handlebar rocking. Softride stem I have is the middle stem in this picture.
I had built 24 inch version frankenstein dirt cruisers as well back in my youth with a SoftRide stem. I had plans to machine the pivots to accept needle bearings but life got in the way. I still have the parts in my toolbox somewhere!! I can truly relate!


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