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Jul 10, 2015
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Pushed myself finally to start a thread...
I needed to make room in the basement for a recently acquired car top box, so I my two "project frames" needed to be moved somewhere else, hence the builds name... :wink1:
So this was the perfect opportunity to get some (crappy-mobilephone-basement) pics from the starting point:

Some might remember these frames. The one in the back is from my BarrelBanana Lowrider (BO11) and the front one was intended to get the map paper treatment in BO12 (Swiss Cycl'o'path). I intend to use the one in the back, but as the (completely shot) bottom bracket puts up a fight, I might need the front one as a backup.

I want to use the stick shift, the rest is backup

3L3T laced wheelset, needs retruing, originally made for the Wolverine:

Light options

Caliper breaks

Seat options

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Good parts pile!
There is more to come as soon as get my hands on all my parts boxes... :)
The goal is a real clear out, as in use what's on hand and in the boxes. Hopefully the only thing I probably have to buy are new inner tubes....
Always cool to see your builds. Have fun!
So this is my "ToDo list" for the next few days:

-a 20" folder that needs new tyres and a front brake
-my former and soon to be again daily needs to get its bottom bracket readjusted
-my BO frame and its backup
-another folder (26") that needs its rear wheel relaced
-not on the pile: my old touring trailer, who is in dare need of new tyres as well....

On top of that I have in mind to create a kind of front awning over the hitch of the caravan (mainly to store all the bikes here on site in a somewhat dry or at least covered place).
And in the midst of that will be some swimming in the nearby lake with my two boys...

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My workshop all set up

Two points on the list done...
Trailer got new shoes


20" folder with new shoes, handlebar and brake



Done and already put to good use


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And finally I got a (daily) rider again...

And for those who don't know this bike two pics with flash on:


This will be again my commuter for the darker half if the year.

Two bikes and a trailer done in one day, that's not that bad as a start in this "bike building vacation"
Tomorrow I will look after that twisted rear wheel of the 26" folder and maybe start working on my build off bike... We will see.

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Nice work - that's dedication with a camp workshop! I saw a lot of those spoke reflectors in Berlin, I'm going to try and hunt some down ... great for a commuter as you say. Nice angles on the black bike!
That's some fast work you are doing there SG! Looks like a nice camp to hang out in and get some bike work done.
That's some fast work you are doing there SG! Looks like a nice camp to hang out in and get some bike work done.
I need to. To much to do, to little time... I will loose a whole day from tomorrow noon until thursday afternoon, because I need to do some stuff at home which is time sensitive...

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Aaaand she's done. No beauty, but that was never the goal. My wife needs a bike to ride to the train station and back, that's not attractive enough to get stolen.

Rear wheel trued in rat rod style, front retrued with the help of the brake calipers. Not perfect, but good enough. "New" handlebar with just the right amount of patina and a new brake cable. If it pleases the wife I will rewire the lights to the dynamo, if not it will be sold as is...


Rat rod truing stand :)

And now we are getting ready for the lake for some swimming...

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True 'shade tree mechanic' style truing stand! Enjoy the lake, looks like a sunny day there. We have the same here, just about 7 degrees south, and 4400 miles west! :bigsmile:

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