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Made a little detour today after picking up my kids and had some fun on a BMX track in one of Berlins many parks. I will link a ride video as soon as I'm done editing it. But in the meantime I have a new contender for the final pic:

You take it off any sweet jumps?????

I finally unearthed my soldering iron and some random electronics stuff:

Mainly with these parts I will try to finally get the lights working before the days get shorter and this BO is over...

I don't know if the powerbank fits into the little toolbox, but I will find out as soon as the wife is gone for the theatre and I'm able to sneak of into the basement... ;-)
A power bank as a power source for the lighting? This is a great idea! You just connect plus and minus?
The great thing is, it's (almost) the same voltage as it comes from a dynamo, so you can use standard bike lights and bulbs, or as I do replacement leds. And to connect the cabling to the powerbank you just need to strip down a standard USB cable and use the red and black wires in it. Then connect a switch to it and done.
Easy as that... :)

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I got it basically working, but now I have to figure out a way to insulate one of the lights from the frame, or I will short out the complete system, as on one light + is the frame, on the other the frame is —...
But that's something I can try to solve tomorrow or next week, because I have no powerbank yet, that fits into the toolbox. I will need to get a smaller one next week...
It took the usual rat-engineering skills, some soldering, shrink tubing and tape, but it finally worked out...






So now I can really call this project done!

(Or as much done as a rat can be....)

(And I still need smaller powerbank.)
Today I found this little powerbank. I payed 3,99 €, so even together with the leds this build set me back less then 5.– €

and it fits perfectly inside the toolbox



the little switch

and lights on

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