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I took a little ride last night.
It’s been a while and felt really good.


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Got a good speed reading on "Great Scott" this morning, bottom cog but still on middle front sprocket, you can just make out the 42,kph .... im hoping to get into the 50's and beyond as my legs get tougher and I get a bit fitter and can pump for a bit longer in a straight line!
Gotta re- align the speedo so the helmet cam gets a better look at it while motoring along!
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Snowy,cold but atleast it sunny
I wish we would have gotten half of that snow this winter here in Berlin... Nothing but grey and wet so far with a bit of sugarcoating for a few days. It feels more like a never ending autumn here...
Replaced the bottom bracket on my daily rider Schwinn Windwood. The bike has somewhere over 5,000 miles on it. This is my 3rd bottom bracket. Put 8 miles on it today. The freshening up of the drivetrain sure makes her smooth.

Morning rush-hour in a school zone. This is why people don’t like to ride bicycles on the street around here.

Since we were talking about graffiti in another thread, I thought I would take a tour around my area and look for graffiti.

There is none. It gets covered over immediately. Like overnight.

I rode around the elementary school, the middle school, the high school, the scroungiest old market in town, a hardware store, the tire store, the DMV, the Savemart, and the Walmart.

This is the alley in back of our Walmart. No graffiti.


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