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What's the hammer for? :13:
Front brake 😁

Awesome! Love it!:inlove:
So your front wheel is basically a rear one with a singelspeed kickback hub?! :crazy::113:
Gives me some weird ideas for my muscle trike build...
Yup! Komet Supers front and rear. I forget where I got the inspiration from, it was somebody here a number of years ago.

In its current iteration, the front brake is mostly cosmetic, honestly. I mean it physically functions but the linkage/mounting hardware probably aren't strong enough to support the pressure needed to REALLY apply the brake. There's one stop sign in town that's at the bottom of a hill that does make me use the front brake, and it does make a difference in whether I stop at the line or roll through...
Sunday morning in Berlin 5 a.m. In 1h the #Marathonride2023 is about to start. A loose group of cyclists will ride along the marathon track of todays race. To not disturb the actual event we start at 6... ☕
(Closing time.)
Now towards Rewe (a german supermarket chain), buying cat food, and actually today is laundry day.... but: this is maybe the last week with nice warm and sunny weather here in Berlin, so i will grab my girlfriend for a ride in the park and a little picnic....