Cockpit shots only

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Looks like a bearded hippie on your shoe.

I don’t know if I could ride my current bike without hands. It’s just a little twitchy.

Like somebody ran your Schwinn into a curb and bent the front axle back about a half an inch.

But a gauntlet has been tossed.

I may have to air down a little bit for this. This will make the bike more stable in a straight line.

I’m definitely not gonna try and shoot snapshots while riding. I will shoot some video and post process.
That fifth spring is just a dummy right? For looks only…? There’s a sleeve underneath it that supports the top tree I imagine.

I’m on limited bandwidth and I haven’t taken the time to go through your retrospective stuff, because it’s huge.

If you are talking about this, they are just alternating finish threadless headtube spacers. No spring. :D


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