Cockpit shots only

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Sorry these were hard to do with a freshly replaced shoulder.

My daily rider. An '09 Schwinn

My repop 125th Anniversary Phantom ready for the 4th.
Phantom 2.jpg
Fade to black 🤘
@KCI, I'd hit that.
The bike is Fade To Black Sabbath and now lives on the Western Slope of Colorado. The recipient rides it regularly. Left Hand Brewing has three cask tap handles and Fade To Black is amazing when cask conditioned. When it's on cask, I usually hit it hard.

One cockpit shot I forgot:


Bike Art can be many things, including photography as many here on RRB are quite capable of.
One minute of my daily commute, cockpit view on my chinese (rainy)daily:

A lot of the cars passing me are parents, bringing their kids to school (and sometimes almost running over their kids teacher while doing so...). If they come to close they get a (not so gentle) slap on the roof. In some parents WhatsApp groups I'm known as "the teacher that hammers on peoples cars" (once I did this, it was one of my students looking at me pretty shocked through the front left window...) :bandit: