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Has there been a two time winner?
My Beer-named thespian, a couple of builders have won awards in more than one build-off, but no one has been a two-time winner in the OddJob Award given during the RRB Summer BO's.
Not cool from where I'm typing.

Anybody should be able to win it just let 'em know they pay their own freight cost if they are from outside the US.
I think at this point whoever wins will get the frame regardless of where they live, it looks like there are enough people willing to cover world wide shipping.
If you win a $190 frame, and it costs $190 to get it to isn't much of a prize :shake:. I've priced shipping to AUS a few years ago, and it wasn't cheap (I was looking at a $900 bike, and shipping would have been ~$600, at the time. Deal breaker.). Just did a quick guesstimate with bikeflights...looks like ~$200 to Sydney for a box plenty large enough for a frame, currently.

Plus remember that in some countries, it's not just the shipping but also import/customs fees and taxes and what-not that are imposed if the item is over a certain value. The receiver might have to cough up more than they had anticipated.

If by some miracle I was to win and the frame prize was open to all, I would most likely just suggest it gets raffled off or something with the proceeds going to this site or some charity.

Good point there on the customs. And on the raffle/ charity idea. Or they could trade off on parts with someone who wants the frame.
I have a very cool prize to give.(something rare)
It will be given to the best Whatchmacalit-doobiewacker-thingamajiggy-doohickey-thingamabob-doodad Award.
So bascically the best add-on made from something repurposed,like we all do.
I guess I should start a thread soon and everyone can post what they think is worthy for the prize.
Okay so this is the prize I will be sending out to the lucky winner of Whatchmacalit-doobiewacker-thingamajiggy-doohickey-thingamabob-doodad Award

Suppose to run on a generator... But i am sure it could be modified for a battery set up.
It would be cool if @ratrod would make available the diecut vinyl “RatRodBikes.Com” stickers again. I’ve used the ones I had.

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Yeah, those were cool!!


Notice down tube...need more transfers.

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Maybe it's just me, but something just crossed my mind.

What happens if there's a tie for first place?
That is awesome thanks worksmen

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I'm in on the Cooler than dangit award, as well as the trophy for 13th place.
It's build off 13, and 13 has always been my lucky number.
If there's a tie for 13, I'll deal with that then.
How do I get in on the cooler than dangit award, sounds like something I want /need ??

How do I get in on the cooler than dangit award, sounds like something I want /need ??
I make my personal choice of the one bike that I think is cooler than dangit. Then that builder gets a cooler than dangit decal, as long as my vinyl guy has time to do it.

I haven't decided yet who it'll go to.