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thanks for the feedback! I worked on the frame a little - got it cleaned up, smooth and all that jive. I did a quick test build (no pics of that yet, too soon), and like Fast Eddie, I have a lot of "tweaking" to do - few things are not jiving as I thought. My only problem is I have no decent rims yet, not even ones to paint, etc... the hunt goes on....






Quick dry-run & update... still lot's to do, have to redo back fender (cut & re-rivet), also going to add a generator or maybe two :shock: Also going to be adding a number plate thingy, and some (a little) color... maybe orange... Went to scrap yard yesterday and found few more cool things to mess with... I FINALLY found some rims (whew) - tires are not too bad... still a long long way to go... I know it's not as purty as some of the other ones, but it'll be pretty ratty... having fun... cheers, T.



Man, that is a cool bike! I love how you did the seat! The springer has a lot of character! I love the 67 Chevelle too! I had one when I went to High School. I bought it for $700 in 1974. Not too long ago, I saw one go through Barret-Jackson and it brought $60K. Made me want to cry! Keep up the good work!
hey thanks for feedback! - hopefully I won't let ya down as I progress...

If I was to add some small parts of color, pinstripes, or ? do you think orange would be to "Harley"?

Bright orange, or "competition orange" was what I was thinking for things like:

- small/very small stripes
- rims
- accent on # plate (plate not at all like yours jimbo)

blue seems too, well blue, and red seems to normal. I like the orange best when I put in my sketches, but I also like white (dull white).. thoughts? -

Thanks in advance, T.

no time to work on bike - been slammed w/work, so stuck at computer - - friends call me king-T (among other names can't say here) so I decided to make quick emblem for front or ?? of my first rat bike - also did quick rendering to play with colors - just goofin'. - should have bike updates tomorrow, I am going with orange as accent color - have all AM to play, then off to vintage motorbike rally later in day - they have 1/4 mile dirt track! Hope you are all having as much fun as I am with your build! Cheers, T.
Dont know what to say but sweet. If you make that bike look like the emblem then you are a master.
hey man, nice graphics. Did you actually illustrate the spokes?

The work you've been doing on your bike has definitely been top notch. I cant wait to see how you materialize your ideas into this bike. Good luck
hey thanks RBR & cman - yeah, spokes are in illust. I saw your illust rendering as well. looked cool! I draw in illust a lot (did 134 icons for Nokia mobile device last week that wore me out!) - anyways, I just drew on few spokes (set of 3 spokes), then duplicated/rotated from hub area - they look like crud, but I needed a visual reference... BUT, I woke up this AM w/an alternate color idea - going to play today... PEACE, T. - I can email you spokes if you want - but they're not great.... email me if you want...
Speaking of spokes....creating this clipping path for the new site design was fun. :shock:

Your illustration and color combo look SWEET!!!

rrbwheel.jpg's just about ready to roll out....just need to put the finishing touches on the new forum.
Hey all. Sorry, my camera died, so had to wait ona new one. Made some progress in meantime. I went ahead and tore seat apart and changed it up a little. Painted it flat black with gloss "chevrolet orange" racing stripe (stripe will carry through to other parts) and under seat bracket thingy. Put small piece of mouse pad under cover, and riveted it all down - not great, not super comfy, but solid & heavy! :D





I have my rims sanded, and # plate almost done too, will send pics next day or so - also going to redo my forks, strip again and go for flat black rather than semi gloss - then use orange as highlight... still lot's to do, but coming right along. Some GREAT looking bike in this build-off! Rock On. Have fun!