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I decided to cover the fender in fiberglass, and go with fiberglass scales. I must be getting old, I thought someone could really get hurt on those metal spikes. Two layers of glass applied. I used the last of my Entropy Resin epoxy resin, bummer. For anyone who does a lot of glass or carbon layups, I highly recommend it. Almost no odor, and dries crystal clear. This isn't an advertisement, just spreading the word about an alternative to West epoxy.
ER Doctor: How did you hurt yourself
Steve Irwin: Crikey, I was following this beauty of a dragon and I got too close and it's tail scales went right in my chest.
That is gonna look WICKED! :showingbiceps:

Looks like you're going to make the deadline!
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Thanks KOTA, I had some moments of doubt, but I think I'm going to make it. I got the rear wheel as close to true as possible, so that's a plus. Rear fender still needs finishing, but I should be able to pull that off in a week.
I love the lines of that frame.
Modern stretchiness, but nice nod to old frames!
Thanks Kingfish, the modern stretch frames with the acute angles are cool, but I think the flowing lines are the bees knees. Easy on the eyes, like an old caddy with tail fins, just nice to look at.
Started hanging parts on the frame. I forgot my tap and dies at work, so drive train will have to wait. It was getting late anyways. Now the question is, which side is the dominant side. Anyone will tell you drive side is where the money is at, but those polished spokes are on the other side. What to do, what to do?
Looks Bad A**.....If you've never ridden a bike with "tiller effect" steering, it will take a short time to get used to it. You can't beat the look with those bars. NICE!

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