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not that far away from the real deal eh :rockout:
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Hey ! few updates on the E-btr , after dailying it hard for 2 years doing skids and even offroad
trails the frame was a bit bent in the rear triangle , the paint was ruff and wheels a bit wobbly.
got tired of the beautiful but very soft slick rubber of the 346 tyres that wear out in a season .

So i ordered new 60mm aluminum rims and crazybob tires , dismantle the bike fully , fixed and repainted the whole frame and tank ,also changed the tank livery , painted the motor/battery black with faux finish , relubed the suspension , instaled a phone charger in the tank and removed the power ajuster knob i actually never used that cleaned up the top of the tank a bit , oh and fixed the tank latch that was hard to close and somtimes opened on big bumps or potholes , got a proper replacement throttle back on it and fabricated a protector to prevent breaking the throttle housing in case i hit something , made a new stronger brake caliper mount and trew on a new disk .

its like new again and better than ever :) lets call this V1.2 ?
v1 was unpainted and tested 1year
v1.1 was finished painted and daily 2 years
v1.2 refreshed look and updated features




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