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Ya that is for a shift kit, you got to be careful not to get cheep ones as the fail fast with the cheaper bearings.....Curt
I was very clueless about this jack shaft coming, the more closely I look at it, the more impressed I am.

The kit uses the cassette as gears which allows multi gear shifting for the motor.

Also allows me to toss that big gear on the rear wheel.

Looking forward to installing it.

Here is a video of the engine shifting gears. Which makes me wonder what the top speed will be?
- that's a very big grey area if you're worried about laws.
- also, a normal bike chain is smaller/thinner than the drive side of a 2 or 4stroke. which will be your weakest point in the drive train (other than the bearings already mentioned).
- to really optimize a gear set, you'd probably want to change the gear set to a non-standard set of gears (if you watch the 2nd video closely, they are shifting up two gears at a time). depending on bike + your weight, you might want a bigger 1st gear, though the smaller inner chainring can compensate. don't think i've seen a full gear ratio breakdown of ANY of these jack shaft bikes say compared to a motorcycle or moped (that you're not pedaling from a dead start).
In a way I agree with you, smaller chain, gear ratio etc. The truth is I'm unsure how dependable it will be.
As far as legality is concerned, this bike is totally illegal as a moped here in oklahoma, it will be bumped to scooter level, such as the whizzer bike.
Oh I'm not sure I mentioned it, the engine is a 100cc 2 stroke.
The whizzer is or will be a good commuter since gas prices are so high.
This is the 1948 schwinn whizzer. In this college town I live in, something like this gas or electric will be a good seller.
Just saying... As I ducks and runs away. ;)


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Well the jackshaft kit finally came in and so far I'm impressed with the kit.

The bearings are heavy duty and comes with a crank set with heavy duty bearings as well. If I need to modify the bearings in the cassette. I got some scooter bearings with a mild modification that will work.


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Harley Davidson sells them which is almost a thousand dollars.

The jackshaft is for a normal sized tire, to get it to fit the big tire took some modifications but it finally fits.

All that's left is attach the carb.


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With the jackshaft installed, I can move on. I still need to add a 12volt lighting system, which requires a way to mount a battery. Which a custom luggage rack needs to be made.


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The legal issues swirling around gas powered bicycles keep them off the streets. I'm not sure what hoops you have to jump through here in California but this tends to be an issue everywhere. I considered a gas powered bike on and off for years and finally settled on a RAD electric bike. Couldn't be happier and the police don't even look my way as I ride about town.
Yeppers, the law is very clear about gas powered mopeds. Which I'm okay with, after the bike is complete I intend to do the paper work for it.

But your right, if it's a gas powered bike the law will notice you, but not the electric bike, which is funny because the electric bike is faster, I know this because I've raced them before.

To me at this point this bike will be a good off road bike.

Don't forget, my Keystone bike is about ready to hit the road too... Yeah!
Which reminds me about this build, in 2006 I got pulled over by a officer who had a bad day.
Tried to give me a ticket but couldn't. The reason the DMV here told me that law is for production bikes only, I told that to the officer, he verified it and drove away, no ticket. Of course the May have changed since then.

Here's a pic of the bike that got pulled over.


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Yeppers, the law is very clear about gas powered mopeds. Which I'm okay with, after the bike is complete I intend to do the paper work for it.
I read an article recently that was talking about all the various laws coming down harshly on two-wheeled vehicles. It focused mostly on the rash of local laws across the country that are very much anti-electric bike...gas was mentioned a little bit, but it seems electric is drawing the ire of municipalities at this time.
Exactly, for so long folks have thought ebike to be weak and slow moving. I think the public is realizing that the truth is very much the opposite.
For me I don't mind registering my bike or have insurance, it would cost me 25 dollars for a year of insurance. Not a big deal to me.
Update - still working on chain alignment for the jackshaft.

But I built a luggage rack for it and working on an ideal to make a front suspension as well...


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Well there will be a short delay in my builds. Saturday morning I wake up to fireman telling me to get out of the house, half asleep and freaked out I leave the house only to see 4 pumper and a lot of smoke coming from the roof. At that time there was no smoke in the house, it all went through the hole in the roof that the fire created. Turns out it was an electrical fire between the walls.

The house was built in the 1930s and still had some of the original wiring in it. It lasted 90 years and finally failed. Now I'm just waiting to see if I have to bring the whole house up to code. Which costs a fortune.

So at this point the meters have been pulled, so there's no electricity going to the house. Luckily the shop is still functioning. :(

The Keystone bike and the desert rat bike was in the room next to the fire and the only thing I cared about was my cat. Go figure...


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If you look carefully in the pics you can see the rear fender of the Keystone bike.
The firemen was very respectable to it, with the fire hose four fighters and one electrical fire, and yet not one scratch on the bike.

Fire fighters rock :)