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What's a dimond frame???



But those are triangles. :wink:

OK...I guess it KINDA does.

Please continue...
Need a ruling guys and gals....

Ya know, I just looked at the pics of the bike I started building, and I'm not sure it qualifies. It's based on 2 girls frames with dropped top tubes. Not rally a Diamond, but not a straightbar or curvy Schwinn either? Call for a ruling..

Dang, ONE rule, and I manage to break it!!
I think this all started with the "Right Brothers" Bike of Hooche's

I think it's a Diamond Frame.
I don't think a Womens Frame would qualify...
In the Diamond Frame ( Road Bike Racing / Riding ) world,
Ladies Ride a Diamond Frame.

I don't want to be a Schitfurbrain's...but if The only Rule
is a "Diamond Frame" build off,then we could leave it
at just that.

Nothing Personal at all Ultracycle!!!! ( and I stress that statement )
Just my 2 cents.
hmmm... would this be considered a "diamond frame" It looks more like a drunk diamond frame

I am acutally building this bike finally, its cool that a prospective build off has started right as I pick up a new project. I have some cool parts from ebay pending right now. Imagine a 7 speed free hub with a roller brake on middle weight rims.
Okay, here's the girls bike project. Started out like this:


and this is where it's headed:


It's probably 16 kinds of unsafe, but nobody lives forever.
It may not be build off worthy, and that's fine. No offense taken clothespin. I was just being lazy and trying to avoid hunting down another project!
a diamond frame build off hhmm I have several frames and completes
the question is will I have enough time to finnish before the deadline,
this so far has been a busy time of year...ah what the heck I have some
French made roady begging for attention so I'll post some pics later.