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Aug 21, 2016
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Name may change in the future, but mostly a spin on the fact I drove my wife’s mini van down 11 miles of dirt and gravel roads to pick up the bike lot this was in. This was one of the two frames in the photos I wanted!
The full glory of what I unloaded at home.
How it currently sits waiting. It’s grungy, the white repaint is crap and I’m not sure if I want to paint it or leave it crusty because I like crusty muscle cars.

Being this isn’t a factory muscle bike mods feel free to move it to c2 if needed!
Decided I’d give it a nice scrub with a green pad to see what the paint was like under the dirt. Quickly led to sandpaper and a wire wheel
ignore the junk in the back, if the guy doesn’t show up for it this weekend it’s the scrap from the bike load.
Straightened out the dropouts a bit with the mini vice
paint was much worse than expected. Not the cool patina I love. So now it pretty much has to be painted.
The last paint job was done over a bunch of stickers so the fork got to meet the flappy disc.

All the time I had today. Sadly the white scwhinn is supposed to be sold so no patina muscle for me
Hit it with some leftover primers, in some ways it’s better than I expected. Still plenty of sanding but I need to buy some primer. I’m out of leftovers.
24 hours laying outside in this heat did dry and harden it up well. Still undecided on color but did decide it can’t be super shiny, I’m using old parts on it so it needs some patina.
Another day of boring updates!
Found one of the rear wheels I wanted as a possibility
not the worst I’ve ever torn apart
while wire brushing the inside I did find out it was a painted wheel originally. It’s chrome and flaky underneath
was headed out to the garage to adjust the bend in this sissy bar.
Remembered this tiny stingray seat came in the last purchase of bikes I made. So trying this sissy bar before I ruin the other
I really love the patina on this white scwhinn frame, it would have been my build frame but it’s supposed to be headed to a scwhinn guy.
I have been working on it a bit here and there. Mostly been selling bikes to get space back😂 I’m not 100% sure on the paint so it’s hidden.
Sissy bar is a bit twisted and I’m not sure this style will hold me 😂 but I’m going to try and straighten it out. The current back tire is part of the dirty muscle theme but may disappear
sold the bars I was going to use so these came out of the pile. Parts of them cleaned up real well and others the chrome is gone.
This wheel cleaned up pretty well
In a shocking turn of events I didn’t wrestle with old rusty chain or buy a colored one.

I was planning the red, but in the middle of wet sanding for the 5th time I decided I like it this way.

Need to get it in the light and do some test riding. See if I like the back tire set up. Also need to do something with the sissy bar hardware, the blue doesn’t hide well

Cruises down the road pretty well. Certainly needs some adjustment and I’m not 100% on the rear tire but ride ended after about 3 miles because some idiot didn’t true the rear wheel or tighten the cone nuts 😂
complementary wagon photo!

This sissy bar makes getting the rear wheel on and off a pain in the ...!


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Had to take some time to clean up my work area, and storage. It was a mess. Then this was magically dropped off at my house. Maybe dirty muscle needs a 3 speed. I’ve never played with an internally geared hub but this seems to good to not atleast try it.
The weather is terrible, my spine hurts and the wife just tested positive for Covid. So a bit of basement bike time

Hopefully find a better shifter solution but it’s all mounted and functions. Hopefully get a test ride this week at some point!
Had to chop the sissy bar to clear the shifter mechanism. Hopefully the tube holds air this time so I don’t have to take it all apart 😂 less then a month til the next back surgery, goal is to have this done.
Looks like a better angle for the seat.

Sorry to hear you're in pain. Seems to be hitting us all this year. I hope your wife recovers quickly.
It was a balmy 46F and raining yesterday so I decided to go for a ride and get some photos. Back surgery is a week away and I might not be back to able to ride before the end! Just a quick teaser, bike rides fantastic but the skinny tires were a bit sketchy on the off-road stuff 😂

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