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It works in Tokyo because nobody has cars. Here everybody has cars, and nobody wants to ride a train. If the people were clamoring for this, it would get done by private industry at a profit.
It works in Tokyo because nobody has cars
999,000 vehicles charged tolls by this company per day in Tokyo.
main-qimg-0a6f423677bbdaaa0bfa43e17039ccd7-lq.jpeg year 2022,in the previous fiscal year.
Yes indeed, that looks like a lot of cars. Tokyo gets a lot of commuters.

The Tokyo metropolitan area has the same population as the state of California. 40 million. Car ownership is 25% less in Japan, but in Tokyo it is a fraction of here.


Car ownership in my neighborhood appears to be 2.5 cars per household. And I do not live in the richest part of town. My neighborhood is very average here.

I read that passengers by metro rail in Tokyo amount to six or 8 million per day. So many times the number of people traveling by car.

Anyhow the thing I’m trying to get across here is if you cram the whole population of California into the size of Tokyo we wouldn’t have nearly so many cars.

Here, nobody has trains. And because there are so many cars available, nobody wants trains. We have Amtrak and we have BART and we have busses and freight lines. That’s about it.
I was exaggerating only a little, and the official figures show the average American household has but two cars.

YET, In Tokyo the average household has only 1/3 of a car. (It is 1/3 of a much smaller car too.)

So we have SIX TIMES as many cars here, on the national average. California is slightly above that. Clovis is even above the California average, but not by half a car.

Clovis has seven times as many cars as Tokyo per capita, or 2.18 cars per household.



Again, electric sounds better, on paper. Or did, until you include repairs. ICE cars are far cheaper and faster to fix.

Electrics get totaled (on paper by the insurance co.) much sooner in a collision.
Ouch in the province of Ontario ev will be mandatory yessse even higher cost of living in Canada
Its kinda funny in the Netherlands. They banned diesels in some city centres, only EV's allowed.
Now EV's are banned from parking lots with a roof over it due to the fire dangers.
So that was the solution they came up with? Dump it over the side and let it go
till she's gone. Nice. Minimize the damage I suppose. Wow. Payloader operator
had a set I can tell ya. "Hey Bob. We want you to scoop up the flaming ball of
toxic car that can explode any second and dump it over the rail. Okay?"
And Bob says, "Sure. No sweat."
Anybody follow Uncle Tony’s Garage on youtube? He is one of my mopar mechanic heroes.

His recent comments on EV policy should be seen, but they aren’t quite suitable to quote here.
Yeah these decisions are made by the elite, how much of a "Kickback" they get from it and the guys who are pushing for it!...they know all too well in the very near future we all will be in them ev's, the younger generation today will be experiencing the very last of the internal combustion era! after that they'll be no more.,owned by enthusiasts only the petrol n diesel cars,trucks and motorcycles will sit in museums, only started by those who can afford the gasoline price and theres even gonna be a time when petrol will be a thing made at home by extremely intelligent people! its all coming, I dont like it at all but its this thing we call ....humans,!
They claim no new gasoline cars will be sold here after 2025.

So there will be anti-importation rules and smuggling and grey market cars, just like for exclusive foreign luxury cars, which are not US certified (and never can be.)

With wealthy folks continually flaunting the rules (as they can spend $$$ and do now) more new rules will come about to tax and restrict everyone’s IC use.

Which will engender another round of costly/complex loopholes and $$$ flaunting, ad naseum.

Over time, all these high-level mandates seem to blow back and forth like the March wind.

When I was five, (1960) the big goal was universal electrification, and the all-electric home. It was at Disneyland! It was our future! My grandparents heated with oil, but our house had all-electric heat etc.

No wood, oil, kerosene, coal, propane, natural gas or other stinky fuels. Safe, clean, efficient, ready kilowatts! The gov even promoted it with cartoons to us kids.

Then somehow, the cost eventually became staggering, from demand plus poor supply-side coordination and no new engineering. Instead of fixing that, they sent us all on a slide back into home combustion of heating and cooking fuels.

Even though it was cheaper, cooking with gas actually became fashionable among the posh again! Like it was Victorian London! “Put on the kettle, hey Watson?”

So here we all are, cooking and heating with gas, and looking at friends actually burning wood for heat, like the 1800’s again. Polluting. Again. Phoooie!

But wait! Now gas cooking and heating are to be outlawed by 2050, and everyone will likely be mandated to have solar panels. Then everything will be electric, again, just like our house in 1960 (so they say…) Only more expensive.

So in the course of 90 years we will have managed to reverse course twice. Yet, I can EASILY imagine it happening again, and well before 2050.
Yep, its insane, and now they’re bringing EV’s, and electric planes, we already got trucks n motorcycles, trains, everything electric en mass!
BUT WAIT, strange how electricity has skyrocketed in price the last 5yrs, especially now we’re so dependent on it.
Not mention the dark side of electricity every goes on and on about how electric is the greener energy source come to my work I could show you different
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